By the Thames

london exterior view outside pretty london exterior view outside pretty Danilo Tamesis boat dock boy vintage shirt denim jacket outside Laila girl dress denim jacket outside Laila girl dress denim jacket outsideDanilo Tamesis boat dock boy vintage shirt denim jacket outsideDo you ever have those days where you end up abandoning your plans to just hang out and chat? My good friend Danilo and I somehow managed to spend the whole day hanging out on an impromptu whim and it was so much fun. We started off the Monday morning visiting an exciting new site where WOLF PACK (the contemporary theatre group I run and which Danilo is a member of) will be performing next year and then supposedly we were both going home to do work. Except we never did! The sun got brighter and brighter and spurred us on to just soak it all up and be tourists in our own city. We ended up wandering around Waterloo, browsing records and vintage clothes, eating falafel in the sunshine, pigeon-watching (far more entertaining than people-watching), wandering along the thames for a sunny afternoon pint on the Tamesis dock and strolling all the way back to the South Bank.

Danilo (pronounced “Dah-nee-low”) is one of my close friends from university and I think we are the only two to have taken the “freelance” path since graduating (as opposed to full time employment or teaching). I don’t tend to feature my friends on here (apart from James, it may as well be called James Parade) as barely any of my friends know about my blog. To be honest I doubt most of my friends actually know what a blog is!

It was such a gorgeous day to take in the beautiful views of the river. I’m not normally a massive fan of my own photography but I was pretty pleased with the postcard quality of the top photo and the garden museum was beautiful despite it being autumn already! Cheesy tourist photos were a must, and I also had to include a shot of Danilo’s amazing vintage shirt inherited from his grandparents. Thank you to Danilo for the photos of me and for an awesome Monday!

Facebook/Twitter/Bloglovintamesis boat dock pink garden museum grave tomb stone grass flowers nature outside autumn london lambeth waterloo pigeon pavement london pet cute bird grey sitting nesting nest carousel south bank painted colours vintage retro lights london stonework pretty garden museum flowers ouside seagull by waterloo rivier thames outside exterior nature laila dress south bank arches underneath Danilo children line painted south bank

10 thoughts on “By the Thames

    • tapeparade says:

      No way, that’s so cool! Danilo is such a cool name but I’d never heard of it before I met Danilo. Do you mind me asking, are you Portuguese or Brazilian at all? We should meet up in London! X


  1. jessthetics says:

    It looks like you had such a lovely day! I think impromptu hanging out days are the best. Your denim shirt is really gorgeous, I love the pattern on it. Also, your photography is so pretty and filled with sunshine! How come your friends don’t know about your blog? I always find it an odd thing to talk about with people I don’t know very well xx


    • tapeparade says:

      There is a part of me that still thinks blogging is a really surreal and self-centered endeavour I guess and I think my friends would think I had gone insane were they to discover this. Also I’d have to explain what a blog is! Also thanks – it’s vintage from Brighton. X


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