Denbies II

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I originally wanted to call this “Denbies through the Seasons” but I’m not entirely sure my real life cynicism, sarcasm and constant irony really come through on this blog and was worried people might think I was being serious. Anyway, these photos are from Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking. I first visited back on one of the first sunny days of the year, and it was lovely to visit again and see the changing colours of the leaves against the perennially golden fields.

If things look a little different, I’m trying out my new camera lens! This lens will take some getting used to as it has an incredibly shallow depth of field which is great for portraits as it focuses on one subject (i.e. notice how blurry and undefined the backgrounds are in the photos of me), but I do like taking shots that show detailed tableaus and this lens is not great for that (i.e. the banana sign is way clearer than the others, where as in previous posts those kind of flat detailed shots are very clear as I’m using my other lens – like this one).

I’m wearing my newish Orla Kiely coat (!!!) which was 65% off in their sample sale and then a further 35% off the marked sample sale price when I got to the till (isn’t that the best feeling ever?) and my new shoes which were £6 from New Look in the sale. One of the many perks of having massive feet is your size is always left over in the sales. I love mustard (both as a colour and a condiment) and have wanted a coat in mustard and gold for such a long time, so it was like a dream present to myself. Does anybody else have dream items in their mind which rarely seem to actually exist?
P.S. I’m going to be shutting down my Raccoon Circus Facebook page soon so please follow me here or here instead and I recently signed up to both LookBook and Pinterest, so you use those sites do let me know! aIMG_8988aIMG_8992aIMG_9029aIMG_9018 multiplication

aIMG_9027aIMG_9025Coat – Orla Kiely (sample sale), shoes – New Look (sale), dress – Miss Patina (sale), bag – ModCloth (gift), leggings – Tesco, socks – Monki

15 thoughts on “Denbies II

  1. Denise says:

    It’s such a lovely post! When I just opened it I saw how beautiful you look – and happy – in the first picture, but in the others too! This place you visited must be so beautiful! I like pictures with blurred background, I learned that with my camera and then forgot and now, argh, I can’t do that again! Need to learn again! It’s such a coincidence today, I was browsing some yellow jackets and remembered that some years ago I couldn’t think of wearing yellow/mustard, and now I love it! So I simply love your coat and bag! Really a beautiful post! denisesplanet com


    • tapeparade says:

      Oh thank you Denise, that’s very kind of you to say! With regards to the camera – normally if you have a shallow field of depth you’ll get the blurry background effect, so the lower the f number, the more light comes in, the shallower the field (i.e. turn the f number to 3.4 rather than 6.0 and the lower the better!)


  2. Caitlin says:

    I have massive feet as well, but sadly it works the opposite for me – all the other size 11 ladies pick up those shoes before I can get to them! Esp. when they’re cute shoes. Love your coat in these photos, it matches the leaves so well:)


  3. jessthetics says:

    I really like your new lens! It’s nice to have photos which focus on you :) Your coat is so pretty, I can’t believe you got some Orla Kiely so cheaply. I love mustard too, especially mustard homeware although I’m not really sure why. This looks like a fabulous weekend – vegetable shopping is the best! xx


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