Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland hyde park outside lights sign flashingpretty wooden chandelier hyde park winter wonderlandjames and laila day!winter wonderland hyde park tape parade outside photographyterrifying animatronic santa thing hystericaloutside hyde park pretzel girl winter wonderland headdress snow queen candle holder diy I don’t like Christmas. There, I said it! It’s strange as I love cheesy tack and pointless schmaltz, but from the age of 7 the only feeling I can remember having towards Christmas is one of resigned boredom. The idea of owning a Christmas jumper in a non-ironic way or eating a mince pie whilst wearing tinsel just makes me want to cringe in a corner for several hours. Add to that the fact that London seems to grind to a halt and you’ve got my least favourite time of year!

However, in an effort to reverse my usual yuletide gloom, I’ve made a list of the most festive experiences I can think of (chestnuts, ice-skating… baubles) and with James on hand to supply childlike enthusiasm and glad tidings, I’m attempting to overcome my inner Scrooge. I donned my snow-queen headdress (actually an untwisted candleholder) and we headed to Winter Wonderland to crank up the merriness. In between cracking up over some of the weirder animatronics and screaming my lungs out on the Ice Mountain roller-coaster, I did genuinely feel a (small) festive glow wandering through the market area and looking at the pretty fairground attractions. The fact that it’s free to walk around the whole place is impressive, and if you’re in London I’d recommend it for a seasonal stroll even if you’re festively-challenged like I am. I’m glad we decided to go on a school day as I imagine it could get pretty rammed once the school holidays are here!

If you have any recommendations for quintessential Christmas activities then let me know and follow here for part 2 soon.

Coat – Urban Outfitters, £60 (sale plus 20% off!). Brogues – James’. Tights – Forever 21, £3, sale. Scarf – Marks & Spencers, gift (years ago). Bear ears bag – Urban Outfitters, £10 (sale). Thing in hair (DIY destroyed candleholder) – charity shop, 50p.helter skelter hyde park winter wonderlandwinter wonderland hyde park tape parade outside photography ferris wheel pretty carnivalwinter wonderland hyde park tapeparadecandlelight holders tapeparade blog winter wonderlandfox roof top eaves wood wooden ceiling beamsoutside hyde park pretzel girl winter wonderlandoutside hyde park pretzel girl winter wonderlandwinter wonderland flashing light bulb sign

10 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Liana Moisescu says:

    Such dreamy and wonderful pictures, in love! ♥ I think Christmas has lost its magic on the way. I remember being a brilliant time for me and my family but as I grew up it just became about spending tons of money on gifts hehe. Maybe just try to find that magic within (sounds cheesy, I know, but I do believe that it’s a state that depends entirely on us). Hugs!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic


  2. cobblestonesoup says:

    Looks like you’re making some real progress in overcoming your Inner Scrooge! And, as a true Christmas fanatic, this Winter Wonderland looks pretty wonderful to me. I’m definitely going to check it out when I’m in London in January. x


  3. hollycassell says:

    you don’t sound like a scrooge at all. I know exactly what you mean about there being so many shit things that come with Christmas, and to be honest the mere sight of xmas-print jumpers is so depressing to me that I have to leave the shop. Not very convenient at this time of year. LOL.

    But I do adore Christmas for all the wonderful things, like family and snow and making people I love happy with surprises and presents. I also love the whole Swan Lake, Snow Queen, Grimms fairytale, spooky winter wonderland aesthetic (as I’m sure you’ve deduced by now, haha) so Christmas can be a very, very stunning time of year as well as gaudy and depressing. It just depends on how you decorate! hahahahahahahaha

    I would really, really love you to send me some of your songs sometime. It’s so funny what you mentioned about the line on my page! All the words in that collage were things that a man said to me during a very dangerous, magical night before he went away for university. We never saw each other again. I’m starting to forget that night, and it’s both a comfort and a great pain to acknowledge that,

    By the way, love the photo of you looking up from the crowd <3 xoxox


  4. andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats says:

    Beautiful photos! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I love presents (and food and alcohol..) but the thought of Christmas strikes me with both feelings of boredom and stress. SO much build up. And then….it’s Boxing Day.


  5. jessthetics says:

    I LOVE christmas, but I think the build up is often more fun than the day itself. Your head piece is gorgeous, it was such a genius idea to use a decoration as a head band, I never would have known! I wish winter wonderland was nearer to me, I would definitely be paying a visit. I think old fashioned fairs and stalls in winter are so festive xx


  6. Priya Pappu says:

    I’m not a craaaazy Christmas person either, I love getting to see my whole family, but otherwise I could live without most of the over-the-top festivities. Still, I hope you had a great holiday :) I’m digging all these pictures with the silver branch-y thing in your hair, you are just adorable!

    and as always, these photos of the fair are dreamy.

    perfectly priya


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