Tour Finale

backstage dressing room selfie yellow orla kiely coatsinks and random stuff backstage props water bottlesoutside the shed with white trainers on outside shed yellow mustard coat oral kiely beretI’ve currently got a kidney infection and today is the first day I’ve been at my laptop, hence the silence over the last week. I’ll spare you the grim details but aside from the obvious problems there have been a lot of annoying side effects. Due to the location of the kidneys, stretching out my back really hurts which makes walking and moving around difficult, and my tablets are making everything taste horrible (even water!).

These photos are from the end of my tour with Rhum & Clay. It brings to a close my two years of working with the company and it was quite weird to be finally saying goodbye. I’m so lucky I got to work with such a brilliant company so early in my career; I’ve learnt an invaluable amount from them and gained so much experience and confidence as a composer.

The last three weeks of the tour were in Exeter and I was back and forth between London for two of those weeks, which meant a lot of hanging around on cold train platforms with my bassoon as you can see. There’s also a few photos of the backstage area – backstage often have to double up as green rooms and dressing rooms and they are invariably messy; lots of shoes, caffeine, remnants of props, bolts of black fabric, LX tape and empty water bottles. My natural environment!

Thank you so much to Rhum & Clay and everybody involved in the tour. I’m so proud to have been a part of it!backstage long mirror selfie random stuff from in the dressing roombassoon dress matching mustard coat

9 thoughts on “Tour Finale

  1. toribobs says:

    Your coat is absolute perfection and the pops of blue are blummin’ gorgeous!!

    So sorry to hear you had a kidney infection, so bloody nasty – I hope you find yourself on the road to recovery asap!


  2. Caitlin says:

    Aww so sorry to hear you’re ill! Sickness seems to be going around the blogosphere right now. Hope you get to feeling better soon, and thanks for the cool peek inside of your touring lifestyle:)


  3. Jennie May says:

    Your coat is so stunning, it’s the most perfect colour. I’m so pleased that you had a great time and learned a lot while on tour, it sounds like it was a wonderful opportunity for you! Super sorry to hear that you’ve not been well, I hope you feel much better very soon! xo


  4. Denise Sabs says:

    Oh no, a kidney infection! I hope you are OK soon, sending you good vibes, believe me! Always be warm and drink lots of water – I am sure you were told this before, but it is never too much. Then tell us when you are 100% Ok then! (I hope soon!) I think I told you that around 2 years ago I didn’t like yellow/mustard very much, but now I love it! So I simply love your coat! And beanie! You look so beautiful – like a cheeky girl :) pretty and sweet! I never went to Exeter, but I want to go one day! Hope you have a great Christmas!!!! denisesplanet com


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