aIMG_5755I make quite detailed resolutions so I thought I’d share them, I apologise in advance if this is the most boring post ever! I like to keep busy, but after exhausting myself in 2012 I set the productivity bar very low for 2013 and it’s been my “sloth” year off. My resolutions included going on holiday, going to the zoo, moving out and learning to drive.
I completed nearly all of them. The best one was taking James to Mauritius! James is the first person outside of my family I’ve been to Mauritius with and it was one of the best trips I’ve had, (and an excellent opportunity to air my floppy hat collection – 4 is a bit excessive for everyday UK weather).17IMG_6052
 How adorable is the teenage chicken! I love teenage birds, they look so weird as their feathers change. They are rarely photographed at this stage of life because they look so strange.aIMG_5955Despite my year off I did do a few things: relocate WOLF PACK to London, create two concerts, go on two tours with Rhum & Clay to perform A Strange Wild Song (performing in Bath, Cornwall, Chulmleigh, Winkleigh, Devon, LiverpoolOxford, Bristol, Margate, Leicester, Derby, Exeter, Ilfracombe & Reading), create a website, go on holiday to Mauritius (with James), Rhodes and Fetiye (with my bestie Philly) and Manchester (with all my friends!),  move house (twice), pass my driving test, triple my private students and start volunteering at a charity shop.IMG_7636aIMG_7679aTurkey turkiye fetiye outdoor exterior Laila tapeparade giraffe girl interaction animalas baby giraffe animalaIMG_8995aIMG_4811IMG_3277IMG_3662IMG_3602a
I’ve read a few blogs mentioning resolutions centred around personal growth, career development and health and fitness. Mine are never like that! I basically just have a list of stuff I want to do. It’s possibly a bit unrealistic but I am quite an ambitious and driven sort of person.
My 2014 goals:
Keep to a maximum of three projects to focus on
Hang out with (long list of friends I don’t see enough)
Tour North America
Go to Monkey World
Go to New York, Disneyland, Brazil and Cambodia
Take James to AMNH (my favourite museum in the world)
I’m lucky to have been given so many opportunities and to be able to shape my own career and do something I love as a job: although it’s hard work, difficult to justify at times and insane hours I never contemplate doing anything else.IMG_3622
Lastly I started my blog this year! Thank you to James, Philly, Justin, Dave and everybody else who helps me with photos and all of my friends for sharing this year with me! Thank you so much to all of you who read, I never ever expected to meet so many lovely people. I’d love to know what you’d like to see next or if you have any suggestions – leave me a comment or have a click in this little poll below! What are your plans for 2014? Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all museums and good times. Thank you to everybody who was part of my 2013!
aIMG_7276aIMG_5685aIMG_7186 IMG_6718a aIMG_4714 aIMG_8971IMG_3336

26 thoughts on “Twenty-thirteen

  1. jessthetics says:

    You’ve been so busy this year, I’d hardly call it a year off! Your trip to Mauritius looked amazing, I think more travelling is a fantastic resolution! I’m also always super impressed at your music career – it must be a hard business to work in and it’s so important to do something you love. I hope you have a fantastic 2014! I’ve enjoyed your blog so much in 2013 :) xxxxx


  2. Jennie May says:

    Happy new year lovely lady, I hope this year is even better for you! It’s been so lovely getting to know you a little more over the past few months, looking forward to reading more this year <3 xo


  3. Denise Sabs says:

    Amazitng pictures, I felt like if I were there! I think your year was really successful, cause you accomplished everything you thought of! I never make resolutions, and I thought I had made one for this year, but now I – although a bit “worried”, I don’t like being “forced” to do something… and as you mentioned, unfortunately it has to do with health. Last year I had to go to doctors because my immune system is very weak now and it’s my fault – I don’t eat healthy food… so I am trying to change and it’s so difficult to me! I will go to Brazil for the World Cup, would you like to come with? I am sure you will have a lot of success and I’d love to know about the concerts! If you have one in London, please tell me! I loved the picture on the roller coaster? So funny and nice! I wish you a great new year, full of fun and nice moments! denisesplanet com


    • tapeparade says:

      Ah thanks for such a nice comment Denise! Oh no so sorry to hear you have had health problems. I hope you manage to have a healthier 2014 and don’t have any problems with your immune system! That’s amazing to go for the World Cup, I am not sure I will be able to afford the flights during that time period! I quite often have gigs in London so I will have to start mentioning them a bit more!
      Hope you have a brilliant year! :) XX


  4. Alissa says:

    Love your pictures- you do so many interesting things, and your resolutions are great! I can’t wait to continue to read about your amazing life in 2014- I am loving your blog so much!
    XXX Alissa


  5. kayleigh Jean says:

    I cant believe 2013 was a quite year for you after 2012,you have achieved alot and done so much,congrats on passing your driving test! something Im still to do :D I love your list for 2014,great goals and its lovely to read about someone achieving and whos ambitious! I look forward to hearing more about your music carreer! Sounds amazing,wish I could sing or play an instrument,I used to in school though :D
    Gorgeous photos,of the birds and the moomim timer is too cute,flash back!


  6. Mollie says:

    Looks like you had a crazy fabulous year. :) You make me miss music, I use to play and song write with all my friends but it’s been ages since I’ve done that now. Good luck with all your resolutions!


  7. Priya Pappu says:

    I finally wrote a post like this for 2013-2014, it was very long and mostly ramble-y thoughts from my head so I have to say yours flows very nicely and has many more pictures! I made more of a list of stuff to keep in mind instead of resolutions as well. One of mine includes a list of cities to visit- you seem to have thoroughly covered travel in your list as well! If you ever find yourself in Nashville, TN (on your tour of North America), don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so we can meet up! That’d be awesome!! I like your mention of seeing friends you don’t see often enough, I feel exactly the same way! I always want to just through a giant party inviting everyone I know, so I can “check them off the list” (is that terrible?) all together. Best of luck on your goals for the year! I’m glad we could connect via our blogs and look forward to staying in touch!

    perfectly Priya


    • tapeparade says:

      That’s the sweetest comment Priya, thank you! I would LOVE to visit Nashville, a musical tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop there surely haha. I think a giant party is the best way, I totally agree. The pictures was trying to disguise the fact I wrote an obscene amount of text for this blog, it’s soooooo long I thought people were bound to need a rest whilst reading through! :) XXXXX


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