aIMG_9lego men home interiors fighting on a candelabra lamp lego men chess board bommyknocker on desk by egg sign and lamp

My first year of university was one of the best years of my life and a large part of that was my housemate Josh. We hosted insane parties, made up drinking games, learned Beirut songs in the kitchen, had pillow fights, joked about the landlord and fell asleep facing the wrong way whilst watching Arrested Development. I’d not seen him for a shamefully long time, and visiting him a couple weeks ago was a magical mix of catching up on “the lost years” and feeling like an 18 year old again.

I’m sharing some photos of his house. I often see images of home interiors and I feel like it’s a very homogenised realm, although maybe it’s just the things I read. I see a lot of cute cushions, floral throws and whimsical kitchenalia, partnered with framed prints from etsy and colour-pop floor rugs. That’s all well and good, but I’d like a house with more personality. I always notice how houses feel, whether it’s warm and inviting or mysterious and secretive. J’s house had it’s own unique kind of character; humorous and a bit off the wall. Lego men fought amongst the lights, bommyknocker death balls perched precariously in unlikely rooms and a melancholy little man hung from the lighting cord. It felt like the house had been decorated with the same childlike enthusiasm and adult black comedy that I associate with J. It felt like the house was an animated, living realm one could be creative and alive in. It felt like playtime turned into full-time lifetime. How does your house feel?

lego men home interiors fighting on a candelabra lamp blue man dies by bathroom cord death ball on bath lego men home interiors fighting on a candelabra lamp lego remote control holder death ball on oven christmas tree with bread and shoe

10 thoughts on “House

  1. toribobs says:

    Josh’s house is effing fantastic! I love each and every thing in it. As much as I’d love a pretty, always clean and tidy home, full of lots of fresh flowers I don’t think that is gonna happen; instead I’m going to pick up little things that I love along the way and, by the time we find somewhere permanent to settle (here’s hoping), my house will be a great reminder of times I spent picking up the items!


  2. Jennie May says:

    I love houses with little touches everywhere that really reflect the personalities of the people living there! I always think you can learn so much about a person through their home! xo


  3. Denise says:

    Josh’s house is amazing and he must be amazing too! I identified myself pretty much with his style and I swear I will assemble a Lego remote holder – one of the best ideas ever! I have some places in different cities, but the one I consider my main one is a mix of contemporary/Indian/oriental/hippie-gypsy style. As I said, a mix. Very colorful, with pictures I painted and bit cushions on the floor, plus vintage pieces that I inherited. I also have lots of toys like dolls and little cars and when children go there it’s a party for them! That’s why I loved your mate’s house so much, it holds the kind of playful decoration I love! Again a great post, well done! denisesplanet com


  4. jessthetics says:

    I love those very bright, white wall, patterned rug houses but I don’t think it’s possible to actually live in them! This house is hilarious. I love the lego men hanging from the lamp! I feel like this is how everyone would decorate their own house if they had the oppurtunity to as a chile (and I mean that in a good way!) It seems like a really fun place to stay xx


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