Working Girl

another plate of food pictureworking laptoplaila, rob working at computersbody text book diagramThis is what a day in the life of me looks like at the moment. I am currently working incredibly hard on a week of upcoming concerts with WOLF PACK and this is just a random day last week. I started off with a marketing meeting at the Hospital Club in Endell Street with my WP colleagues and we stopped for sandwiches after.The afternoon saw us working at C4CC on our upcoming concerts. We are so lucky to be supported by this amazing centre; it makes such a huge difference having an office space and to be working alongside so many inspiring and creative people and their ingenious projects!

 If you have anything to do with theatre and live in London I am sure you’ve heard of VAULT festival as it’s been featured in pretty much every paper going!  We’re performing a week of concerts at VAULT and it’s my job to come up with creative ideas, make sure the actors and musicians sound good, the show is entertaining, the set and props look interesting and that the tech team, cast and crew have everything they need to do everything correctly at the right time. I’m so excited WOLF PACK are taking part and investing huge amounts of time to make the concerts as brilliant as possible; it’s definitely a labour of love. In these photos I’m searching through this amazing old textbook based on the body: looking for costume/prop inspiration for our BODY themed concert. Aren’t the diagrams great?
In the evening I went to rehearse with my composer friend. He wrote a piece for WOLF PACK and I’ll be singing in it. By the time I got there it was about 8:30pm and I realised I’d only eaten a sandwich in the whole day so his lovely housemate created this plate of food to keep me going. I got home about 11pm – whenever you get near a show the working days inevitably get longer and longer, but it’s worth it! Tell me about your typical work day – I pretty much only know people working in the arts world so I’d love to hear about what you guys do!

If you’re interested further in my career I was interviewed  a couple of months ago by Youth Arts Online.

laura working laptoplaila eating plate of sandwiches and grapes

15 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. jessthetics says:

    That plate of food looks so tasty, I could never get through that much of the day on only a sandwich! Your working day sounds lovely and varied, and I guess it’s okay coming home at eleven somtimes when you’re doing what you love. Vault destival sounds really fun. I wish I lived nearer to London so I could come and see it! Laila, how long have you been graduated for? Your career seems to be going very well and I’m very impressed! I’m interning at the moment, so I wake up early, cycle to work and spend the day replying to emails, doing research writing reports and sitting in on meetings. I come home between 5 and 6 and blog, craft, cook, run and watch lots of Buffy, haha xx


    • tapeparade says:

      Thanks Jess, that’s so kind of you to say. I work well at night so I don’t mind the long days! Thank you, that’s very kind! I graduated about a year ago (December 2012) but I had been working throughout both my degrees before that. Interning sounds really interesting, how long is your internship for? X


  2. kayleigh jean says:

    I love this insight,and it all sounds so fab,what a job and your doing what you love,Id love to be surrounded by creativity,I miss it so much after uni x These concerts sound amazing,good luck with them and with coming up with ideas for it all,must take so much organising? can only imagine,but I guess when your hearts in it,it doesnt matter how long it takes,as you just love doing it x


  3. Priya Pappu says:

    I love the stickers on your computer, ha! Sounds like you’re working very loooong and busy days! I hope you are getting some time in for yourself to rest. Right now I’m working full-time (8-5), so though I love the regularity of a schedule (after having a random schedule for 4 years in college) sometimes I miss having a different day to day. Mostly, I miss sleeping in. It still hasn’t gotten any easier for me to wake up for work!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA


  4. Christina's says:

    Love how creative you are , and seeing what I spires you!! Aw you are such a busy bee- but it will pay off! Amazing interview, love love love that you would want to work with kanye – he is certainly an artist that believes in his own work lol xx


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