welsh flag streetcardiff wall castlelion on animal wallwooden dragon spoon

wolf on a wall

Last week I went to Cardiff with most of the WOLF PACK cast. I’m part Welsh, and every time I’m back in the country it reminds me of the idyllic childhood I spent there. We were only there for a few days but it was lovely to see the familiar road signs with everything written out in both English and Welsh, and seeing the distinctive flag everywhere always makes me feel at home.


This is the third time I’ve been to Cardiff (I grew up in the North) and although I’ve not explored as much as I would like to I always find it such a charming city. This particular trip was with all the WOLF PACK lot following our busy week at VAULT. Most of these photos are from around the centre, near where we stayed. Cardiff Castle is one of my favourite castles, entirely because of the animal wall. You all know how much I love animals; what could possibly be better than a giant stone wall with a different animal perched atop each segment?

Cardiff Streetslion and cat wallwooden spoons love spoons celticcardiff castle turretwelsh flags on a street

15 thoughts on “Cardiff

  1. Marieken says:

    I’ve never been to Cardiff, but it looks like a city I should add to my ‘citytrip wishlist’! I think those streets are calling my name to wander around in them :-)


  2. jessthetics says:

    The castle looks so cool! I’ve been to the Millenium Centre in Cardiff but I’ve not really explored the rest of the city. I love the Welsh love spoons and the old buildings are gorgeous! xx


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