Natural History Museum

estate natural history museum pretty exterior building history interior great hall
natural history museum animal exhibitnatural history museum animal exhibit dodonatural history museum animal exhibit baby ostrich londonamazing natural history museum animal exhibit

I go to the Natural History Museum a lot. From the age of about 18 I’ve been interested in zoology and have spent a lot of my free time learning about evolution and reading scientific tomes about animals. London has some excellent museums for learning about animals and the Natural History Museum is by far the biggest.

One of my favourite things about the Natural History Museum is their diverse program of events. Like all big museums there is a “Lates” event once a month and the usual half term activities for kids, but the Natural History museum also has lecturesconference days and amazing evenings such as the Dino Snores (literally my dream event) and the Night Safari series which is a unique opportunity to learn from scientists working in the field. I highly recommend their Spirit Collection tours as well which run every day. For an interested amateur like me it’s an incredible place to be able to go and learn!

Some of my favourite exhibits are the prehistoric animals (such as the wooly rhinoceros!) and the geology wing – you have  to pass through the giant revolving world to access it. I also absolutely love the large mammals hall (although it’s depressing to think about the majority of those animals being endangered) and obviously I’m a big fan of dodos, the national bird of Mauritius (my homeland). The whole museum itself is covered in carvings of animals and plants so even if you’re wandering between halls there’s something to see. It’s just a brilliant place to spend a day!

natural history museum animal exhibit into the earth geology

natural history museum animal exhibit wooly rhino rhinoceros extinct ancient speciesnatural history museum animal exhibit wooly mammothdo cetaceans use language?natural history museum animal exhibit blurry inside the earthestate natural history museum pretty exterior building history

13 thoughts on “Natural History Museum

  1. Jennie May says:

    I’ve only visited once, back when I was pretty small so I don’t remember a lot about it. I’ll have to make sure to visit again sometime soon, I think I’d appreciate everything a little more now too! xo


  2. hollycassell says:

    I have such wonderful childhood memories of the natural history museum! I used to go all the time when I lived in london. I’d get so excited by the big revolving earth and the t-rex who roared at you! :) xx


  3. littleappletreeblog says:

    The Natural History Museum is one of my favourite places to spend a day. There’s always something new to discover and it’s such a beautiful building in its own right. It’s just a shame that I don’t live closer.


  4. jessthetics says:

    These photos are lovely, especially of the tiny wooly mammoth! The architecture on the ceiling is pretty impressive too. I love the natural history museum, it’s probably my favourite type of museum! I find the dinasoars terrifying haha xx


  5. Gemma Roberts says:

    Hey peach, I’m so keeping an eye out for museums in my nearest city, Rotterdam! This is such a great way to spend the day. I’ll have to let you know what I find!!



  6. Sarah says:

    Firstly, thanks so much for your comment on my post about why we write. For me blogging is a form of escapism and it’s great to hear that other bloggers feel the same way.
    Secondly, this is a great post and I’ve been to the natural history museum before – it’s so great! Need to go there soon!
    Thirdly, I love the title of your blog and the header is really cute! Be great if you followed me back!

    Much love and chat soon, Sarah x


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