Barcelona baby laila by the beach sand pink denim jacketBarcelona baby orange trees on ramblasBarcelona pretty architecture exterior building gold peach white blue tiling tiles palm trees fountainDramatic view of the sea with dark storm cloudsBarcelona baby amazing graffiti in area near CCCBBarcelona baby adorable dog friendBarcelona baby giant lobster sculptureBarcelona baby
Hola from Barcelona! I spent most of last week in Barcelona, one of my favourite European cities. I went with 3 other girls and we had such a fun week: living like locals, running around museums, exploring backroads and side streets and meeting lots of amazing people.

I think travel is so important. I’ve spoken about this before and every time I go away it’s something that crystallises even more in my mind. I’m in the unique position that I’d racked up 3 different continents before I was 2 years old as my immediate family is spread across the globe. I think my whole life I’ve grown up with the sense that the rest of the world is just around the corner, rather than imagining “travel” to be some huge insurmountable obstacle I’ll tackle when I’m older.

It’s often considered lucky to be able to travel but really if you’ve got a little bit of money and a bit of time where you’re not directly needed there’s not much else you need to go away (maybe a cheerful attitude and an open mind). Like most people in the UK I spent a lot of university going on European excursions with my friends – every time our student loans came we would pick a new destination for reading week and live on beans the rest of the term (RIP £5 Ryanair flights). I’m already planning my next 3 trips this year and I’m so excited to see the rest of the world! Where would you like to go?grafittis in barcelona and street advertisingBarcelona baby statue of boy kneeling
Barcelona babyBarcelona pretty architecture exterior building gold peach white blue tiling tiles palm trees fountainBarcelona pretty architecture exterior building gold peach white blue tiling tiles palm trees fountain

9 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. Ellen UnderWater says:

    Lovely photos, and I love your red midi skirt! It’s so cool that you’ve travelled a lot. I’ve been to a fair few places but there are certainly more that I’d love to explore, and my favourite type of holiday is definitely a city break like yours sounds like. I went to Bracelona when I was much younger but I really can’t remember much about it; I’ll have to go again! Glad you had a lovely time x


  2. Tori says:

    I’m such a traveller-at-heart that whenever I read about other people’s trips I get all-sorts of excited and can’t stop a smile forming – this post prompted exactly the same reaction! I’m so happy you had an awesome time In Barca, and how exciting to be planning future trips.

    We don’t really have any in the pipeline, though I’d love to travel to Portugal for a long weekend, and I am desperate to travel around the US (preferably in an RV!)


  3. jessthetics says:

    These photos are incredible! It looks so sunny and happy and yellow and beautiful. The oranges on that orange tree look delicious, the beach looks so inviting and I’m in love with your outfit! I went to Barcelona a couple of years ago, and I think it’s my favourite Eurpoean city. Did you go to Veggie Garden next to the museum of contemporary art? When I was there, the food was so cheap I asumed it must be tapas and James and I accidentally ordered 5 main meals between the two of us. I should have brushed up on my Spanish! I hope you had an amazing time. I agree that travel is so important, and so much fun! It’s good to squeeze in as much as possible :) xx


  4. Isa Dione says:

    I adore the color vibes in your pictures. They make me feel a nice breeze of air and it’s like I can hear some seagulls screaming down my window. :) I’ve also travelled a lot more when I was little. Unfortunately it’s so expensive as a student to go away for short trips, but there’s always a way. I’ve been to London for New Year’s eve with my boyfriend and we spent ten days in an airbnb appartment in zone2 for a really cheap price compared to “real” hotel prices.
    My next trip should be to Santorini or any other greek island. Due to living in Austria, I am surrounded by alps, but I miss the sea, terribly :(


  5. marieken says:

    I love all the street art you discovered on your trip. Barcelona is still very high on my travel wishlist. And the balcony in the photo before the last looks like it came out of a fairytale.


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