On Miro & Barceloneta

Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dress
Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dressWhat I Wore Fundacio Joan MiroWhat I Wore Fundacio Joan MiroFundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dressFundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dressFundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dressFundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dressFundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dressFunicular de Montjuic

Let’s talk about clothes! Joan Miro was undoubtedly a hugely important artist but to borrow the words of my friend Christina “I understand it enough to know that I don’t understand it.” There are a few certain key topics I took away from the Fundacio Joan Miro (where all the above photos were taken) but ultimately it didn’t spark my imagination in any significant way. What I most appreciated was the level of discipline he had in so many different mediums. A lot of people have written about the cheerful atmosphere created by the abundance of colour, and that’s true enough and I certainly enjoyed his work on that very basic level, but to distill his art to a refrain of “I like the bright colours” does him a disservice, as it would any artist. So instead of discussing him in depth I’m basically showing you my clothes and a few completely out of context sculptures.

These bottom photos are from Barceloneta, the area of Barcelona where we stayed. It was wonderful; we stayed in an apartment and wandered out every morning to pick up breakfast items from the local market. We were about five minutes walk from the beach and even closer to the market square pictured below. There were a lot of small and cheap restaurants near us which were filled with locals and were a lot cheaper than their Ramblas counterparts!

I bought this shirt full price about 2 years ago (one of about 3 full-price things I own) and the extremely boring skirt is a recent purchase from Urban Outfitters. I’m now in my mid-twenties with my own office, PA and business, so I’m vaguely making an effort to ditch the Pokemon print skirts and excessive hair ribbons and go for something more “mature”. Although obviously pairing it with sailor cardigan, vintage rainbow bag and plastic plimsolls takes the maturity level down a bit…

Wearing clothes at the market squareWearing clothes at the market squareBarcelonetachristina and oranges and people eating oranges in barcelonetagraffiti in barceloneta with carina pink hair

9 thoughts on “On Miro & Barceloneta

  1. Isa Dione says:

    When I saw the first pictures of your post, I immediately thought “I’ve been there! I’ve been there!” :) I was there with my mum, about exactly three years ago. I loved it, but not as much as Gaudi’s park and houses. The PA sentence stood out for me the most (yes, I am a nosy person as I said previously) – what are you working, if I may ask?
    (P.S.: The dress or shirt&dress combo looks really lovely on you & comfortable to walk around in!)


  2. jessthetics says:

    Before I read what you wrote I was thinking “i like Miro – I like the bright colours!” haha. I did really enjoy that gallery though. I much prefer modern and contemporary art to old portraits. I love your outfit, especially the colourful bag. I think dressing maturely is overrated, don’t lose the hair bows! xx


  3. Ellen UnderWater says:

    I am so insanely jealous of you being able to shoot off abroad and soak up some sun!! It looks like you had an amazing time – really gorgeous photos, and interesting locations. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog … ok it’s so scary how much we have in common (like the wish list clothes that you already have – woah)!! I’d love to meet up some time. Drop me an email if you’d like :)

    Ellen xx


  4. kim says:

    wow that’s really cool you have your own business, I know what you mean to try to be a little more mature luckily my office is pretty laid back and we can wear jeans most days I’m trying to tradition into the more trendy fun tops & wear less cartoon characters lol but it’s not always easy ;) your photos are beautiful I feel like I’m getting to take a mini vacation by reading your posts :)


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