Photo on 17-09-2014 at 11.45 #4Quick! Giant mug of tea at the moment! Everything is so busy right now!!! There’s no time for posting or reading blogs or checking e-mail or even eating or sleeping at the moment! I haven’t done a food shop for about a month and I think the last time I went to bed before 1am or had more than 6 hours sleep was… June?!

I am/have been :

Running a workshop as part of London Design Festival

Running a party as part of London Design Festival

Running a big concert

Running a gig (which is fast becoming a London blog meet-up! London bloggers come along!)

Throwing house parties

Throwing launch parties for lingerie start-ups

Getting very drunk at tech events in London

Getting very drunk at random pubs in Camden (with Bel)


Making another video diary (yay!)

Editing a lot of songs for a film

Writing songs

Launching a business (my own)

Hanging the hell out with my friends and new housemates!



… and I promise I will come back and tell you all about it soon. :)

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9 thoughts on “ARGH!

  1. Bel says:

    You forgot ‘persuading drunk men who are trying to kiss you that you’re not a lesbian and consoling Kevin’ – also, cute blouse girl! Love your crap blogger pal Bel xx


  2. jessthetics says:

    This all sounds amazing Laila, I’m glad the real world is treating you so well! I’m so jealous of your London blogger meet ups. You should have them every weekend and then I might make it to one :) Good luck with all your busyness, and your business xxxxxxx


  3. Isa Dione says:

    Congrats, busy bee! I wanted to go to the London Design Festival, unfortunately all books to London were booked the day before already. Next time, I will plan ahead accordingly ;)
    I love the idea of your own company, and quizney sounds amazing ^^ I wish you all the best for the hectic times, plus more fun tea mugs!


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