Happy birthday Mum!

Happy birthday Mum

Happy 60th birthday Mum! You’re officially old!!!

Well done for enduring 20+ years of teasing/being the punchline of me and Dads jokes, mostly around a) you’re white b) you’re african-american and c) your crazy religious upbringing (“Mary had a little lamb…of God” is still funny). But you’re very sweet and calm and a natural mother to everybody you meet; you completely deserve the surprise luxury villa holiday in Venice that Dad has taken you on. And well done Dad for continuing the jokes/bullying by convincing you it was a 4 day camping trip in rural Glasgow with some random Creole-speaking cousins you’d never met, only telling you the truth IN THE CARPARK OF THE AIRPORT so you could unpack the wellies and the waterproofs.

We’re not very close, and I don’t take after you in any obvious ways, but like everybody who knows you I appreciate your warmth, your gentle manner and your loyalty. I’d like to someday inherit your patience, your focus, your sewing skills, your resourcefulness and your kind-hearted nature. It can’t have been easy to mother your child from afar but you did it anyway because you could tell it’s what I needed. People often compliment me on my sunny disposition, my confidence, my manners and my self-reliance and these are all things you encouraged in me without being overbearing or invading my life. Thank you!

Inspired by Priya and her birthday dedication posts such as this one. Mine will be an incredibly short-lived series as I have just two members of family to document!

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mum!

  1. christina says:

    Aw this is beautiful. me and my dad always used to gang up on my mum – in a nice way. mums have that ability to be patient and ever so selfless. I would love to hear what you were like as a child. :) x


  2. Kim says:

    such an awesome post and I can see the resemblance between you two :)
    that’s really all a parent could ask for I think teaching their children to be good people, and you definitely have an amazing and awesome outlook on life :)


  3. Priya says:

    I loved reading this, I’m so glad you did this, and thanks for the shout-out! I’m so glad you shared about your mom. I’m not a “family person” in the most classic sense of the word, but I do love my family, and I love learning about other people’s families as well. I consider actually knowing someone when I know about their siblings (how many/names/ages) that is a pretty weird quirk, and maybe I’m just nosy…ANYWAY!

    Your mom sounds lovely (photo: BABE) and I’m glad you shared about her, I’ve always been curious about your parents! Moms are just THE best. The great ones just have those Mom qualities I desperately hope to somehow establish one day (mostly: patience.)

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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