February and Mixtapes


^^ he’s a sweetheart, right? I just noticed this little note this morning. I’m really excited for February. I took my time in January working myself into a new daily routine and starting to go through endless lists, and I gave myself a lot of space and a lot of time to just adjust to the New Year.

February marks the return of my busy life; gigs, concerts, rehearsals, day trips, parties, exhibitions – it’s all go, go, go in February. I’m waking up! From Queen Elizabeths Hall to Proud Camden to Northwood Hall, I’ll be taking to the stage in a variety of guises and I’m glad to get back to my natural habitat. My bike is fixed, so I can explore. My tax is paid, so I can stop guarding my pennies and return to being a penniless musician. I’m going to Brighton, for Valentines and mod fun, and I’m going home, to help. This is my final month of being in my early twenties.

I’ve made a February playlist and if you have Spotify you can have a listen too. It’s chilled out and grown up, classy and a bit curious. The kind of music you could listen too whilst working from home in the day, or have in the background whilst knocking back a few drinks and then keep playing into the night for when the boy returns and the nighttime activities begin. It’s navy and grey, flashes of copper and occasionally burgundy – but never too dark or oppressive. Dark green corduroy shirts with battered satchels, and with enough space for plumes of smoke to curl and light to filter in through slightly grubby windows. And if that sounds pretentious, those are all the things that this playlist has soundtracked so far this month. Long may she reign.

4 thoughts on “February and Mixtapes

  1. Denise says:

    Oh, that’s so sweet! Such a lovely note, so romantic, in fact! I am glad you are back to your previous “routine”, I mean, if you like it! I think you do! And the way you described the song is so poetic, I love the words! And yes, some songs bring us this kind of feeling! I remember once reading about a singer, that he had the voice like tearing velvet (and they meant in a good way) and I never forgot that!


  2. Jen Saxton says:

    Final month of your early twenties? What classifies as that? I’m 24 at the weekend and feel like I’m leaving my early twenties!
    This month sounds exciting for you! Also, the way you write is seriously beautiful.


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