Personal Post: Losing Weight

Losing Weight Is Hard Fitness Motivation Lack Of Exercise Fat Weight

I’ve got quite an honest and wordy post for you today! I’ve been trying to lose weight since the start of this year and I’ve been finding it very hard. I’ve never tried to lose weight before and rarely study my appearance or my shape (beyond a general knowledge that I’m curvy). I don’t weigh myself, and I’ve tended to “feel” about the same height, weight and shape since about the age of 16 – I still have a lot of clothes from then that I wear regularly. I don’t do exercise or watch my calorie intake or anything; I’ve just always been around the same size.

After my best friend died in November, I found it very difficult to eat or sleep and I stopped going out as much. When I did eat it was at random times and often accompanied by an extra beer or slice of cake. As I got into my winter clothes, I noticed a lot were tighter, and I started feeling fatter, so I decided to weigh myself. I was shocked to see I was nearly 2 and a half stone heavier than when I last weighed myself (early 2012). 2 and a half stone! Whilst I can’t be sure, I think most of that weight was gained towards the end of 2014 because up until then I’d felt the same and all of my clothes still fit.

 Losing Weight Is Hard Fitness Motivation Lack Of Exercise Fat WeightLosing Weight Is Hard Fitness Motivation Lack Of Exercise Fat Weight

I felt horrible. I’m aware there are a lot of fatshion blogs out there and a lot of people are proud to be overweight, and don’t get me wrong – that’s great for them. But for me, I have a number of family members who are overweight and obese, and I’ve seen the mobility problems, knee replacements, gastric bypasses, inability to travel, insecurity and depression that comes with it. I’m not saying those things are a given for every overweight person but it’s certainly a trend in my family, and it’s not a life I want.

I then read a few inspiring blog posts about people shedding the pounds just by adopting a healthier diet or taking up a fitness class. These people were surprised and happy at what eating healthily and walking more could achieve. These posts were universally written by people who (by their own admissions) ate a lot of burgers, meat, desserts etc and did little to no exercise as part of their weekly routine. I set off into the world of weight loss feeling initially inspired by these people – for about a week.

The problem is, I’m pretty healthy already! I soon realised none of the “magic” of “a few small changes” applied to me – on the whole I eat a healthy and balanced veg diet and I drink a hell of a lot of water. The thought of willingly engaging in exercise during my precious free time makes me feel sad, but I rack up about 8,000-12,000 steps on an average day running around between work and I do a lot of cycling – so I’m not exactly “sedentary”. This wasn’t the case in those first two months after I lost my friend, but I’ve returned to my usual way of life as of January and dropped a few (7) pounds going back to my normal schedule. That’s not much of a dent in two and a half stone! I couldn’t find any blogs by people who already led a healthy active lifestyle and had randomly gained weight they were then trying to shift.

 Losing Weight Is Hard Fitness Motivation Lack Of Exercise Fat WeightLosing Weight Is Hard Fitness Motivation Lack Of Exercise Fat Weight
I then downloaded an app called MyFitnessPal which I have been using for the last 2 weeks (essentially you just write down everything you eat), as well as the NHS BMI tracker (confirmation that I’m overweight!). Progress is varied! Having to remember what I’ve eaten and write it all down is a bit of a faff but it’s made me curb myself a bit I guess? I’d love to say it’s making a big difference but progress is SLOW. I’m a hugely impatient person and it’s very frustrating feeling like not much is happening, especially when I feel surrounded by these miracle cases on other blog posts.

So, I thought I’d share this post – I apologise if it sounds grumpy but I guess I’m just finding it HARD and I couldn’t see anything reflecting that. If anybody has had any similar experiences or advice you’d be willing to share I’d be so appreciative! I’m really not the fitness type – I’d never go for a quick run if it meant losing a quick nap, but I do want to get back to my old self. So please, if any of this resonates with you then let me know – sharing is caring. And thanks for reading this behemoth! X

Losing Weight Is Hard Fitness Motivation Lack Of Exercise Fat Weight

17 thoughts on “Personal Post: Losing Weight

  1. gingereee says:

    I too have been trying to lose weight after going through cancer treatment (5 years ago). I suppose it could be the hormones. But I noticed it has alot to fo with me getting older. (37) Sigh. Anyhow, I would love you sharing any tips. and you look great by the way!

    P.s. So sorry for the loss of your friend. My condolences.


  2. Denise says:

    Mmmm… I know how you feel, believe me. Three years ago I was 3 stones thinner – and then the tragedy happened – you know what, I have told you, kind of like your friend, but double and alas, you know :) Believe it or not, I m a certified flamenco dancer and always danced – and flamenco is hard :) and I am a good rollerskater, practicing it in many countries and for ages, since teen years… and then, one thing that we don’t predict in life and… loads of changes. The first, the mind of course, the second and pretty much together, the body. Thee body just reflects what is OK or not in your lives… so I did that to myself :) Now, 3 years later, and I didn’t do any diet, but I am not happy the way it turned. I still don’t look enormous, I think, but I feel so. My clothes don’t fit, I was “another person”. I keep on saying to myself “do something about it” and later I throw the thought away. So what I think is: if you really want to lose weight, discipline is needed, something that I have a lot for some things and lack a lot for others. As you eat healthily, I suppose you have to cycle, maybe? To do a physical activity you like – more than what you do till now. I am not the best to advise on that, but I really wish you achieve your goals – but one advice I can give: if you want to go back to your previous body, the sooner you start the better. I thought, when I saw the first pounds piling up “ah, tomorrow I can eat healthily” and when I saw it was too late. Don’t let it happen! Hope you have a great weekend and hope I didn’t bore you with the story!


  3. Daisy (@prettygreentea) says:

    I eat pretty well and go to the gym 4/5 times a week. However, I put weight on during a stressful time last year and I still need to shift it, I’m short and it just doesn’t sit well with me and makes me very conscious. I think I sometimes have dinner too late at night, so this month I plan on altering that.

    Keep me updated with your progress.


  4. Maria says:

    Even if progress is slow, it’s still progress :D
    I know how you feel. I have always eaten fairly healthily and done exercise. But from July to December my diet gradually started to include the odd slice of cake or pizzas, or alcohol when I didn’t need it. In December I weighed myself and was shocked to discover what weight I was, I didn’t think I was that heavy! Since then I have cleaned up my diet so much and started to exercise more and am seeing improvements. I have used my fitness pal in the past but don’t bother with that any more, instead I just keep a food and exercise diary of what I eat/do every week and it is helping. At the end of the week I then review it. So far I have lost a stone since January which I am very pleased with, and aim to keep on going until I am happy with what I see in the mirror then I need to maintain that. You just need to persist with it until you get what you want. Good luck :)


  5. Jen Saxton says:

    Hey Laila,
    I’ve struggled with my weight for years. My biggest issue is that I’m an emotional eater. The moment I feel a bit stressed or upset I turn to chocolate or other definitely not healthy foods. I joined Slimming World in the autumn and quickly lost over a stone. But then came Christmas and a bunch of emotional ‘stuff’ happening and I’ve piled all the weight I lost on again with an extra pound or two to boot! I’ve stayed with slimming world – it helps me to eat healthier and be more aware of what I eat, but I still haven’t found an alternative to comfort eating.
    I know none of this is probably that helpful for you, but being vulnerable about wanting to lose weight can be hard, so I’m joining in with the cameraderie! I guess the only thing I would say, which I gave to keep saying to myself is progress is progress, no matter how small. Keep plodding on!
    Jen x


  6. Anna says:

    I am suffering with the same problem!! I eat relatively healthy its just the portion sizes that have seen me put on 2 stones. I have heard a lot about my fitness pal and will definitely give it a go now :)


  7. anne-marie says:

    cheer, I have lost more than 10 kilograms; but because of problems
    summer salad, it does not grow
    but in winter, it’s not the same food, I took 4 kg


  8. Kim says:

    thanks for this post, I had decided to start eating healthier and exercising again more regularly in the new year, it hasn’t really gone as well as I could have hoped but I am eating not so great stuff fast food here and there and not exercising on a consistent basis, but every day is a new chance to do better, so I’m trying that. I have way more than a couple stones to lose but at this point any progress made and weight lost will be exciting :)


  9. A Million Gingerisms says:

    I used myfitnesspal for a few days but was a lot of effort and kept forgetting to put everything in. Now, i just try to plan my foood shop in advance and write in my diary to I find if youre too strict it wont work

    Good luck on your journey :)


  10. A Million Gingerisms says:

    I cant keep up with myfitnesspal, kept forgetting to put everything in!
    Now i just plan healthy weekly food shops in advance and physically writing down an exercise plan for thé week to make sure i stick to it.

    Good luck on your journey! x


  11. Rebecca says:

    This absolutely resonates with me. I eat pretty healthy, and exercise a lot. Like, a lot a lot. So losing weight is really hard. I feel like I’d need to eat a lot less, which ends up with me being hungry and grumpy all the time. I know I need to cut back on the sweets, but I live in a country (NZ) where food is crazy expensive. So going low carb/all meat/all veg is simply not affordable. :(

    So instead I just try to be sensible and reign in my sweet tooth. But it’s a constant battle. I’m tired of eating healthy, working out a lot, and still looking very soft/curvy/ordinary. I want to look slim and fit!

    I totally sympathize with the frustration of weight loss. Good luck on your journey! Just keep at it and don’t beat yourself up if you have an off week. Just try again each day. :D



  12. themysteriousscribe says:

    LOL, this is me in a nutshell. My mother brought us up to eat pretty healthily when we were kids, and I’ve been pretty active since then too, so when it came to the point where when I wanted to lose weight there’s not much I could do. Other people I know only had to cut off hamburgers and soda, and woosh, they get thin and I get envious. I had to diet pretty strictly just to lose a kilo, and I didn’t have the stamina for that.

    Long story short I went to a bootcamp with my sister and got down to the size I wanted. But to keep it up (because I really love food, I do) I use myfitnesspal as well, and I work out. A lot. Found out yoga’s the best option, because it slims you and at the same time provides a decent stress release so that I don’t feel like I’m wasting my life at a gym. Try that, maybe? Or just wait it out, if you’ve dropped 7 pounds you’re well on your way to lose the rest!


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