I have spent most of my life visiting places and feeling completely at home, regardless of culture, language, religion etc. I've always put that down to being so mixed race and having family ties to so many countries. Japan is the first country I've visited where I have absolutely no heritage or bond whatsoever. I don't know the language or the alphabet and I thought for once I might feel a little out of place or a little touristy; that sense of figuring it out that people often talk about when travelling.

<pWell, no. In fact, I feel like I want to live here! From the very first morning I’ve felt like I’ve returned home to a place I know well, despite never having been here before. I’m having such an amazing time and I’m really grateful to myself for finally sorting out this trip – I’ve wanted to visit Japan since I was about 8! I hope you’ll be as enthusiastic as I am, because I’ve got hundreds of photos, hours of videos (not sure anybody wanted to see another vlog after the last two, but hey…) and a whole stack of souvenirs and treats to show you all when I get back next week!

In the meantime, I’m posting pretty liberally on Instagram so find me at @lailapictures if you like – I don’t normally use Instagram so often, but I’m really happy with all the stuff I’ve been posting from Japan, it’s just so incredible! x



4 thoughts on “Shinkansen!

  1. Denise says:

    I am so happy that you are doing that! The pictures now look amazing, I am looking forward to more, next week I know what you mean, and by the countries you are related to… (maybe not the same countries, but same case as mine:) And feeling at home in a place, now Japan, is amazing! I may sound silly, but I think there’s something spiritual in that! I have felt some things like this, and I kind of believe it’s spiritual :) You look so happy, I am so glad you are enjoying!


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