What’s in my bag? Tour Edition



 Hi everyone! I’m on tour at the moment.

I thought I’d show you what I’m packing. I try and pack light – you have to lug this bag around everywhere and you won’t stay anywhere long enough to settle in.

Jumpers are super-important when spending long hours in cold theatres. I almost never wear jumpers – this one says “BOOM” on the front in gold sequins which is questionable… 

Jeans are the other item of clothing I never wear except for tours and teaching. I bought these for £15 from Urban Outfitters specifically for this tour! I‘ve also got spare guitar and ukulele strings, spare accordion tape and spare costume in my bag.


Books are obviously a must, as is laptop and other work. There tends to be a lot of downtime when touring and you can’t rely on an Internet connection. 
Having a notebook or diary to document things is nice and helps keep organised. Even if you don’t document everything like I do you might enjoy having a few scribbles to look back on from any nice places you went.

Lastly a tote bag is invaluable! If you leave with a normal bag (ie rucksack) and a luggage bag then anytime you just want to run out to the shops or go for a quick walk you’ll be so happy you brought your tote bag.
So there we go! I am on tour until the middle of June so if you want anymore tour-related posts let me know. I’ll be in Stow, Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Maidenhead, Worthing, Farnham, Canterbury, Reading, West Totton, Hertford, Bristol, Hemel Hempstead, Cheltenham, Exeter, Falmouth, Dorchester, Bridport, Chippenham and Lyme Regis. If any of those places are near you, or you’ve been to any and have recommendations for stuff to do then please let me know!

5 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? Tour Edition

  1. Denise says:

    I think you have all very organized and there’s no need of any suggestion! I liked the spare strings, of course and the notebook – I love writing! And books, of course! And the tote, really very helpful, as well as jumpers and jeans, so comfortable! Amazing places you will tour, would love to attend one of the nights!


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