Summer Intents

welsh centre society hall town village exterior cavendish square oxford street londonwelsh centre society hall town village exterior cavendish square oxford street london

There’s a lot of these types of bucket list posts going around and I’ve been inspired! This is what I’d like to do this summer…
1. Complete the album I’m currently on. It keeps getting delayed!

2. Make cocktails with fresh fruit. Last night I did drunkenly throwing fresh raspberries into whatever gin-based drink I happened to be holding, but a bit of forward planning would probably result in something more pinterest-worthy.

3. Go on holiday.

4. Try out lots of new bars and clubs. There’s so many cool places in London that I’ve never ben too as I always end up in the same places!

aIMG_6435zMauritius Port Louis Ile Aux Cerfs Laila TapeParade Lifestyle Fashion Blog Island Tropical Beach Sunny Exterior Le Touessrok

(Beachcombing and Tiny Islands)

5. Have people round for dinner and barbecues a lot more. We’re pretty good on regular house parties but we should start incorporating more intimate nights as well. We’re lucky that we have a garden and we should exploit that more!

6. Write a lot more songs using loop pedal. I’m genuinely too lazy to set everything up whenever inspiration strikes!

7. Go to the beach! I’ve already done this but why not go again?

8. Get my second passport sorted out! I’ve been “going to do this soon” for about a year now.

9. Spend a lot of time with my housemates. They’re the best! Our current line-up is the best yet; having a happy home environment makes such a difference to your outlook.

All these photos are from previous summers! I wonder what photos I’ll be looking back at next summer…aIMG_5618aIMG_4274


12 thoughts on “Summer Intents

  1. Denise says:

    I loved your summer pictures, especially the one that the wave comes to you – I love beaches, and yes, you should go again, why not? I liked your list – barbecues, new places, new songs, the album, beach and… the passport! It gives me some “courage” – to do what I have to as well… and am postponing, and so it goes… summer will help! Hope you enjoy a great week!


  2. Laura says:

    all these photos are so lovely, and so is your list! i’ve not planned to do anything as i’ve no idea what’s happening in my life a week from now, haha.. also, i wish i had seen your comment earlier and we could’ve got together, definitely next time in london! xx


  3. Reshma says:

    You know what? I’ve been seeing these summer bucket lists as well… and as I was reading yours I was already starting to form mine of my own. It’s funny but when you first said complete the albumn I thought you meant a photo albumn… because I make a scarp book every year and this year I’ve been procrastinating a lot… only you realize you probably meant your music albumn! lol… btw you look beautiful in blue! :)


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