Christmas Wishes

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“Hey, I’ve got a Christmas Tree in my hair! Ho Ho Ho!!” – what a twat. So anyway, ICYMI I’m undertaking #Slogmas. I realise that for most people #Blogmas and #Vlogmas will be Christmas – themed and I can tell you right now the “content” I have pre-planned is not Christmassy. No sir. Crime, cakes, tinder dates, race, Steven Universe, homosexual animals, shrunken heads, television, burgers and cartoons, fine by me; Christmas… well there’s this and one other Christmas post, so, not that much.

That aside, I thought why not ease myself in with a simple Christmas list (there won’t be too many of these, don’t worry). By nature I’m a born Scrooge but in the last few years I’ve been trying to change that. I thought I’d tell you about the festivities I have planned for this year; I’m trying to avoid turning Christmas into some kind of task-based checklist, but these are the things I’d like to happen.

christmas decorations christmas tree presets wrapping decoration minimal colourwinter wonderland flashing light bulb sign

1. Buy a Christmas tree and invest in some decorations, then actually decorate my office with them.

2. Watch a lot of Christmas films (I’ve only seen two. Seriously)

3. Write Christmas cards and actually send them to my overseas family!

4. Go to my favourite London spots during weekdays (nobody wants to deal with those weekend shopping crowds) and try to appreciate the Winter weather.

5. Visit at least 3 Christmas attractions.

6. Have a really good night out!!!

7. Cook a special Christmas dinner for all of my closest friends.

8. Try to visit my family.

9. Record a Christmas cover with James.

10. Create a Christmas category on my blog. (DONE) (YEAH BEING PRODUCTIVE…ISH)

At present I have a few gigs planned, but almost no social events due to the huge workload I have over Christmas, but there are a few parties I’m hoping to make if I get the time! What are you guys hoping to do this Christmas? Also – I’ve only planned about 10 days of Slogmas! So if you a request, please make yourself known.

christmas decorations christmas tree presets wrapping decoration minimal colouraIMG_9630battersea barge christmas singing showcase

15 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. Christina says:

    Watch more Christmas films please!!!! I will be doing the same and eating, lots of eating! Love these pics, you look perfectly festive, well done. A post idea, a guide to living and loving the single life. My single life is a bore!!! Xxxx


  2. luminacherry says:

    Only two christmas movies? let them be good ones, I love christmas movies, good luck with your list, the last pic is my favorite!


  3. Louise (@TheWhatNowBlog) says:

    Great idea, and that’s quite a list for a self confessed scrooge!! Look forward to seeing which Christmas attractions you visit and enjoy watching those Christmas movies, so many good ones to help get into the festive spirit!! Look forward to reading more. Louise


  4. Priya says:

    Dear Laila! I’ve found myself wondering how on EARTH I could blog about Christmas, as I’m having trouble blogging about anything at all! I love that you shared this list, because I’m kinda a Scrooge myself (I like Christmas. I’m just not obsessive about it.) I had decor from my family Christmas trip last year, and I decided to put it up in my apartment because I had some company. It has really made me feel festive. My favorite memories of Christmas growing up involve lights on our family tree in a dark living room, so I’ve tried to recreate that.

    Oh- and your blog looks fantastic, by the way! <3

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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