St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patricks Day! I know it seems like just yesterday I was waffling on about being part-Welsh but I couldn’t really write one post about my roots and not follow it up with another…

Like most Americans proclaiming “Irish heritage”, the link is pretty tenuous and doesn’t amount to much until you go back a few generations. The few things I do know about my Irish ancestors have always tickled me. Like so many others, my great-great-grandfather James Patrick O’Aldred left Ireland for America, trotted through Ellis Island (HISTORICAL MOMENT ALERT) and had his surname americanised. Presumably that wasn’t enough adventure for one life because he then married a Cherokee lady and spent the rest of his life travelling The Great Plains and South America. Bearing in mind interracial relationships and world travel are hardly the norm now, let alone 100 years ago, this is pretty amazing! One can only assume this is whilst the rest of the settlers were “settling”.

Five generations later in 2016 I’ve never even been to Ireland, despite wanting to visit for years – the trend for adventure lives on! I have my first trip planned for later this year and I’m really excited to finally go. Any tips then please let me know! And I hope you’re having a fantastic St Patricks Day, whether you’re a little bit Irish or a lot. Ximg_2825

8 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day

  1. jessthetics says:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day! I am part Irish too! Well, my Grandma is from Northern Ireland. I actually have a road trip to the Republic of Ireland planned for the start of April. We haven’t decided much apart from that we want to visit Dublin, Cork and Co. Galway (the latter I have visited before and it is STUNNING!). I’m looking forward to wild swimming, staying in a castle and listening to plenty of gaelic folk music. When are you going?

    It’s awesome that you know so much about your family history, and you certainly have a very interesting great great grandfather. xx



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