On Being A “Bad” Blogger

Hey Laila, author of this blog!

It’s me, or it’s you, or – whatever, it’s me, read this back ok? (It’s you). Look, it’s ok to not post anything for a week, it’s not because you didn’t want to, but because you were just too darn busy. You were dashing around the country picking up love, affection, life experiences, joy and really bloody good memories. You were living the spontaneous, carefree, surprise-filled life you’re always banging on about on this very blog! It’s ok to sack it off for a little bit because you couldn’t bear to post anything that was fake or shit or rushed or crap. If people want to advertise with you then they probably still will, especially if you mention that your stats have apparently not been affected by your week-long sojourn.

It’s ok that all your recent tweets were scheduled because people that are really invested in you can see the flurry of work on other projects, and those that aren’t won’t give a toss. I mean, it’s twitter for fucks sake. Who cares? Look, it’s totally cool NOT to be the blogger who continually airs gorgeously rendered photography – you got your words too, girl! It’s ok that sometimes the wordy posts have shit pictures and sometimes the photo-heavy posts have minimal words. Your photos are pretty good a lot of the time.

It’s seriously ok that of the 8 planned post ideas you have for this week, none have gone up. That you totally missed your blogs birthday. That you had vaguely wondered about a giveaway for last years blog birthday, failed to organise it, thought about it again for this year and then failed to organise it AGAIN. Honestly, who cares? Not even you, apparently. That’s the kind of little thing nobody cares about. You’re improving all the big and wonderful things (Seriously, you really are – how great is the new Quizcats website? That song you wrote last night! And look how awesome Friday will be! Go you, GO FUCKING YOU) and in the grand scheme of things a blog giveaway nobody even knew about is NOT a big deal. Like seriously, who cares. I’m actually laughing as I type this! So ridiculous! Honestly, that’s super cool. YOU’RE cool.

Totally cool to re-use this, it's great!


Hey, you know what else? It’s cool to actually publish this as a post too because I am 99% sure everybody else feels the same at some point. In fact, definitely do publish. Hey it’s a little off-the-wall for a Wednesday evening but WHATEVER. Everybody logs in, thinks “oh shit, has it been a week?” and then everybody has that second voice that chimes going “ohhhhhhh man, pahaha, A WEEK. That’s hilarious. Well whatever, that’s totally cool bro” and then maybe they post, maybe they don’t. Whatever you can be arsed to do, buddy.

Just to circle back around – look, it’s totally, 100% FINE not to be the kind of girl who schedules posts in advance. I mean if you can and you want to then GREAT but you have a crazy busy freelance career, and a more than fulfilling social life, and a “home” that comprises of three main bases in two counties, so yeah, time’s going to be a little thin on the ground. That’s cool bruh! This is no 9-5, Mon-Fri, blog every evening situation. You just do what you can, when you can, if you can, and that is really, honestly, truly MORE than enough. Ok pal, over and out. If I’m honest I’m still cracking up over the first sentence of this post. Are you me? I’m you. WHO ARE YOU? It’s me, bro. Or you. Oh – look whatever, stop looning about and just do whatever the hell you want. We cool. (Are we two? Or one? What is this? Shut up brain)(no you shut up)(SERIOUSLY WHAT)

11 thoughts on “On Being A “Bad” Blogger

  1. Read Diverse Books says:

    This is such refreshing post. Lol Definitely preferable to the flood of weekly meme posts.

    I’ve been posting less recently – still more than once a week, but less than my usual posts and it’s been so liberating. Blogging is great and all but I need some time to myself sometimes! Thank you for writing this.


  2. Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's says:

    Haha this reminds me of the first time I pulled anything close to an all-nighter. It was during 9th grade and for a project that I had been working on but then wasn’t happy with and started all over the night before I needed to present it, and my friend did the same, and throughout the next day we were in hysterics. So yes, I have had one of those oh-shit-hahaha moments :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


  3. Denise says:

    Dear Laila, it soooo resonates with me, look, I am finally back after a long trip and got a bug – feeling weak now, but being in bed is also nice sometimes :) And that means that I didn’t post for 3 weeks and why? Because we have a life. Yes, I am you, you are me, I totally agree with you, not 99% feeling like that at some point, but 100%. I went to nice places, tried new food, interacted with locals, felt awesome – and blogging was the last thing I could think of, because honestly, who would have cared? But I have a “frenemy” who thinks so much of herself and is always saying to me “oh no, the blog is my baby, I can’t leave it empty”, so on so on. Ok, I respect it, but I said “who cares?” So now I have posted again, till the next trip, because life is what happens outside the web, too, as a blogger-friend told me once! Super fantastic post, Laila!


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