The Easter Vegan

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Happy Vegan Easter! At least 5 people have now told me directly that I’m obviously going to have a shit Easter because I’m vegan. This is absolute crap, and as I’m sure you know by now, I never met a piece of crap I didn’t want to call out. I thought I’d quickly debunk their ridiculous points in case any of you were sat at home feeling sorry for egg-less, bunny-less, crazy hippie vegan me. Please note, everything I’ve said below I also said back to the people in question.

You can’t eat any chocolate eggs! What’s the point of Easter without chocolate? Vegan chocolate is great, and it exists, and it’s great, and it tastes no difference to “normal” milk chocolate. People think we’re limited to carob (what even is carob), or weird blocks of soil-like cardboard. Errrr no, vegan chocolate tastes the same, if not better, because no murdered/grossly mutilated/depressed animals were involved. I actually had three chocolate bunnies (white, dark and honeycomb chocolate), a pack of buttons and an Easter egg yesterday.

But you could have had so much more chocolate! You had such a small amount of Easter goodies! I’ll be honest here – yes I could have, and I did see a lot of my friends sharing pictures of 40 kilos of foil-clad chocolate eggs, but (and I know this is hard to believe) I genuinely didn’t want that much chocolate. The me-not-eating-my-weight-in-chocolate thing had nothing to do with a lack of vegan chocolate and was more of a I-don’t-want-to-feel-horrific-this-evening. But thanks for your concern!

You can’t have a good Easter roast!  So for me personally, I didn’t grow up eating any of the traditional “roasted” meats like lamb, beef, pork, steak (is steak a roast? I have no idea, I’m making this up), so I genuinely don’t know what it involves. But I’ve never missed it, and I don’t think Easter needs to revolve around a roast – in my house there was never an “Easter Roast” and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t damaged me as a person…

What about your fried egg and bacon on Easter Sunday morning? Actually this weekend I tried “Cheatin’ Bacon” for the first time IN MY LIFE. Also, egg production routinely involves male chicks being ground up alive and fed back to their parents. That is the stuff of nightmares and definitely not what I want on my plate.

What about a chocolate egg hunt? Errrr first of all I’m not 7. secondly I CAN STILL DO THIS IF I WANT I CAN JUST GET NON-DAIRY EGGS.

Easter is all about the eggs. Why do you hate eggs? U r a stoopid egg-h8r rahhhhhhh vegans r poopy  Ok, thanks mystery caller for your insight (this was an anonymous blog comment I received yesterday). Ok, good news – I’m writing a blog about eggs so we can all learn why I love/hate eggs together. Ain’t that peachy?
bunnies, vegan easter, easter vegan, vegan easter egg, bunny, bunny ears, bunny girl, bunnygirl, easter, going vegan, happy easter, rabbit, Vegan, vegan chocolate, vegan easter
bunnies, vegan easter, easter vegan, vegan easter egg, bunny, bunny ears, bunny girl, bunnygirl, easter, going vegan, happy easter, rabbit, Vegan, vegan chocolate, vegan easter
I’d like to finish with a couple of things for you to consider as we all sit around sharing photos of cute, springtime animals.

Bunnies – if you love bunnies so much, why not boycott shops that sell angora wool sourced from screaming, dying, grossly neglected bunny rabbits?

Calves – dairy milk is sourced from mummy cows who live horrible lives, have been artificially inseminated and torn apart from their babies (babies normally then killed). Milk also drains resources such as water and food whilst simultaneously destroying the environment. Just pack it in! Is it really worth it for an egg when you can vegan chocolate?

Chicks – Somebody genuinely shared a photo of baby chicks on my Facebook timeline yesterday about two hours after chastising me for being vegan. Do you know where your eggs come from? Want to watch a video of male and female chicks being separated on a conveyor belt, with the male chicks being thrown into a machine where they are ground up, alive, and fed back to other animals?

Click here for a few more things to think about this Spring…

If you’re as horrified as I am by the above then do the only thing you can really do – stop supporting it. These practises only go on because more people pay money for it to happen than stop paying money and take a stand against it – until the people saying “this is wrong” are in the majority, nothing will change.

Happy Easter!

bunnies, vegan easter, easter vegan, vegan easter egg, bunny, bunny ears, bunny girl, bunnygirl, easter, going vegan, happy easter, rabbit, Vegan, vegan chocolate, vegan easter

21 thoughts on “The Easter Vegan

  1. Cate says:

    YES!! All i’ve been hearing is how tragic it is that I don’t eat chocolate (or bacon which I never liked anyway) anymore WRONG I ate a delicious big bowl of chocolate banana nice cream for breakfast this morning and not only was it delicious and healthy but no poor creature had to suffer in the making of it! There are so many great options for vegans out there now there’s no excuse for animal suffering! xoxo


  2. Rantasalot says:

    Nice to hear that you are a vegan. There is no need to kill animals for human food. And you are right, the conditions where these animals live are terrible, they live terrible life just to be killed and how they are killed is painful.
    We are vegans also, two or three times in a year we eat fish.


  3. jessthetics says:

    I love this Laila, thanks for all the brilliant (and horribly depressing) info! I have to say I haven’t missed out on chocolate eggs this easter either – I’ve been eating my own body weight in Vego, and iChoc, which is this German vegan chocolate brand that I ate lots of in Berlin, and found stocked in Leicester when I went home. I also had a brilliant Easter roast, with the main dish being my mums nut roast – my favourite! Vegans can even eat hot cross buns from some supermarkets, like the coop. Rabbits are one of the most abused and misunderstood pet animals so it breaks my heart to see people giving them as “gifts” at easter to children who aren’t old enough to look after them properlly xx


  4. Les Petits Pas de Juls says:

    Interesting eye-opener, Laila. Thanks for more insight on the vegan world and possibilities. People who don’t know anything just follow their preconceived ideas and need people like you to show them the other path.

    Going more and more vegetarian for now, chocolate remains one of my weaknesses. I’ll have to check out vegan chocolate and found some that are not packaged (as my own crusade nowadays is going as zero waste as possible).

    Happy Vegan Easter!


  5. Pretty Red Glasses says:

    I didn’t know that vegan chocolate exist. I can imagine it is healthier than a normal chocolate, or am I wrong here?
    Hubby and I didn’t buy eggs for us this year, just one for mother in law and she gave us some but we haven’t even eaten them.
    Not that I’m vegan, but I don’t want to add all those calories to what has been a long time to loss.

    Happy Easter with whatever you want to choose to celebrate, at the end of the day, is a religious thing not just about the chocolate. Right? :)


    • tapeparade says:

      Yes that’s true- look up a macerator. Normally then given to other animals as feed even though not meant to, it’s not policed well at all.

      I realise I didn’t include a lot of factual sources but I’m writing a longer post at the moment about eggs.


  6. Everyday Voices says:

    This is so funny. I am sort of half-way vegan…I know it sounds BS but I am trying to limit my animal product/protein intake and hopefully one day, I’ll be vegan or at least vegetarian. Finding it hard to give up milk and eggs…though I try my best to eat the best sourced eggs where minimal cruelty is involved and our milk comes from grass-fed pasture raised cows (where the calves remain with their mothers) not penned cows. I can really do without the rest. A roast sounds good and looks good, but feast on it too much, you start feeling foul by evening time. Also, vegan chocolate is the best. I make tons of vegan chocolate desserts and when you buy good raw cacao to use, it lasts a long time.


  7. Jade says:

    I recently tried cutting out dairy, and it was a revelation to discover that I could go without. I actually preferred the milk alternatives (almond, oat etc) and not buying cheese meant not eating cheese (this blew my mind, seriously. I never thought I would be able to live without it). So few people seem to care about animals when it comes to food production, however horrifying the reality and however easy the alternatives, so keep fighting and keep shouting!

    Also, I love your ears. That sounds weird, but ‘I love your clip-on ears’ sounds worse, so I’ll just leave it there. Jx


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