Hey, Let’s Go For Brunch!

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Hola comrades, this is just a quick little post to tell you I am organising a tiny little meet-up in a few weeks time! I previously “organised” a meet-up for some of us London #TheGirlGang members and it was quite fun (Emily thought so too). You don’t need to be a girl or a blogger to come but it kind of worked out that way before…

So, meet-up round 2 (working titles include #lailabrunch and #coffeebrunchmeethangoutthing, but I’m open to suggestions) will take place on Saturday 21st May. I’m tentatively planning that we’ll hit Black Cat Cafe for food around 12pm and then head off to God’s Own Junkyard to take identical pictures of signs, but I’m open to suggestions! Obviously we’ll finish in a pub (because pub).

One request – if you’d like to come then PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS BLOG BELOW. On a practical level I’ll book a table for brunch so need numbers, but also I’d hate for anybody to not find us, miss a message or be overlooked in any way. Last time I found it a bit of a headache to keep checking back to FB posts, tweets and whatever to make sure I hadn’t missed anyone, and I think having all the responses in one place will make it a little easier. Thank you!

Hope to see some of you soon!

Also, if any of you Londoners are into Disney, then you should come see me a lot sooner for Disney pub quiz +disco+costume+live band karaoke on 24th April..!


P.P.S. Yep, those are recycled photos from the last 3 posts, but tea and bunny ears are never out of style.

22 thoughts on “Hey, Let’s Go For Brunch!

  1. Denise says:

    That’s so great, Laila! I would love to come, but right now I am not in London! Next time, then! I am sure you will all have loads of fun!


  2. cattitudeandco says:

    I keep forgetting to comment on this. I’m not around for brunch (full-time employment), but I’d love to hang in the evening if y’all are still about :)


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