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Hello! For today’s instalment of Vegan Club I’ve teamed up with the lovely Alisha from Alisha Ockenden and we’ve come up with The Veggie Tag. The questions cover a bit of personal backstory and some of the practicalities of a meat-free diet. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and would like to share your answers than please feel free!

Locally grown veg in Kentish Town.

1. Are you a vegan or a vegetarian and how long have you been one?

I’m a vegan! I first went vegan about 7 years and had a couple of relapses to vegetarianism initially.

2.What were your reasons for becoming a vegan/vegetarian?

I went vegetarian as a teenager, as I was eating chicken virtually every day with my parents and it just seemed excessive. I went vegan a few years later, initially purely for ethical reasons after researching milk production. It took me literally about 30 seconds on Wikipedia to feel disgusted and resolve to veganism; I remember thinking vividly “that is fucked” as I read about it, and then feeling incredibly stupid as the information was so easy to access.

Since then my feelings have increased and the more I learn about the environmental impact of the meat/dairy/egg industry, the confusing and vague laws around animals, the amount of misleading labels in the food industry, the questionable ethics at play in many aspects of food production, the more I know being vegan is the right choice for me.

3. What are your favourite tips for staying healthy with a vegan/vegetarian diet?

Learn how much you actually need and what you should be eating. Most people have a vague idea but it’s rarely fully accurate, so just learn what you do need to eat and where you can get those things. Use some sort of tracker to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients if you need – there are loads of free apps that do this. I’ve actually been far healthier since being vegan because I pay attention to what I’m eating.

4. Whats your favourite vegan/vegetarian recipe?

Vegan chocolate chip cookies (vegan marg, soya milk, dark chocolate, golden sugar, plain flour, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg if you wish). I also make a lot of curry!

5. Would you ever bring meat back into your diet?

No. Before I went vegetarian I only ate chicken and fish (white meat) so there’s a lot of meat I’ve never even tried – burgers, pork, bacon, lamb and so on. I’ve never wanted to try any of those foods and I don’t miss chicken, so combined with my feelings and beliefs, no, I don’t think I would.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about my veganism – and if you’d like to join in the tag then please do!

Wild rice salad and celeriac coleslaw from the Wellcome Collection cafe.

8 thoughts on “Vegan Club: The Veggie Tag

  1. Denise says:

    That was so good to read! I like to know vegan or vegetarians, cause it’s a bit difficult in some parts of the world to be so. In France, for example, I seldom find vegetarian dishes, but in other countries it’s fine. I must say that France, to be fair, has amazing dishes – so, even for a vegetarian, you will find something delicious! I liked to know you turned to be vegetarian – later vegan – since teen years. I am a vegetarian since 9 years old; I ate fish, not much, in my late teens, but then I stopped completely, because – I don’t want to campaign for my choice, but I simply can’t bear eating meat. It was more difficult when I was 9, but people got used to. :)


  2. spicepicable me says:

    I thinks it’s great you have such strong moral beliefs and are dedicated to staying true to yourself. I agree that eating plant based diet is a must do for everyone who is conscious of their health at least, if not environment. Although I am neither of the above, my diet is mostly fruits and veg, nuts and legume. I do eat meat and eggs occasionally but I’m slowly fazing it out. I stopped consuming dairy long time ago and I make my own healthy ice creams which is my favorite dessert. But I am against soy (especially soy which is the biggest GMO on the planet and is one of the most cancerous ingredients), tofu and similar stuff, I find them completely unhealthy and really unnecessary, supplements that are even worse than meat and eggs. Either I eat the real thing or not at all. It’s easy for me since both my mum and grandma have their own gardens of organic fruits and veg, chickens and cows, so all my food is unprocessed and fresh.


  3. jessthetics says:

    Great tag Laila! I find it really interesting to hear why people made their dietary choices, especially becuase people’s inspirations are usually so varied. It’s cool that you found out about the truths of the animal agriculture industry as a teenager, I never thought to do my own research that early in life. I find veganism so much easier than I ever expected and I just want to tell everyone, but it’s hard to convey that enthusiasm without people thinking you’re fibbing / being preachy! I would looove to try your chocolate chip cookies ;)



  4. Kim says:

    I always like hearing about other people’s diets
    I tried being a vegan for a while then veggie
    I have been eating processed foods again but I’m growing a garden this summer so I will have lots of fresh options :)


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