My Car’s Been Stolen

white ford fiesta lailas car

A quick post today… my car was stolen from right outside my house this weekend. It’s gutting. I’ve reported it to the police and the insurance company, but this blog has around 8000 followers and maybe if everybody keeps a concerted eye out, it might get found? That’s what I’m dearly hoping anyway.

The car is a white Ford Fiesta, registration OY13 SRX. It’s about 3 years old with no massive scratches or dents anywhere. It might be abandoned on a road somewhere, or it might pop up on Gumtree, eBay or some other website, or it might be for sale in a local garage anywhere in the UK. It might have a different reg or a different colour. Chances are, it’s out there somewhere – if you see or hear anything then I would be SO grateful if you could let me know. I realise it’s a long shot, but it’s better than doing nothing. I’ve tweeted and posted on Facebook about this, so if you use those platforms and could RT/share for me I’d be super grateful.


You might be thinking “why doesn’t she just buy a new one? Vehicles can be replaced”. I’m not in a position to buy a new car of a similar level (even with insurance payout) for various reasons as I bought the car jointly with my Dad, and the insurance goes back to him and not me… don’t ask, I don’t want to get into my murky family politics on this blog, just believe me that it’s fucked. Also, whilst I know it’s silly, I had all sorts of emotional attachment to the car (it was the first car I owned, the last long car journey I took with Pete & the last time we spent time just us two, the setting for the first kiss with CB, etc etc etc). In my head it’s a very invasive theft.

I spend about 8 hours a week minimum in my car and it doubles as social space, office, music practise room (got to learn all those song lyrics somewhere), so I do feel a sense of loss. Then there’s the massive hassle and disruption of having to sort something out every time I need to get to a gig or teaching session in the meantime; my days are long enough without having to factor in excessive travel and co-ordinating lifts/taxis/train timetables. Of course, I know worse things have happened at sea and it’s not the end of the world… and I try to be understanding of crime and the reasons it happens… but I can’t help how I feel and right now I’m angry, confused and mostly devastated.

Thank you in advance. X

9 thoughts on “My Car’s Been Stolen

  1. luminacherry says:

    oh darling, hope you can recover it, my thoughts are with you, for some people may be just a car but it’s yours and is special to you, which is what matters

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  2. Denise says:

    Dear Laila, you shouldn’t have to apologise because you feel sad that your car has been stolen, but I know that there’s always someone who would say “big deal, it happens all the time”, so yes, it’s better to explain beforehand. It’s so bad, I am sorry for you. I hope you find your car, I am sharing your post and appeal on my facebook page and twitter. REally crossing my fingers for you!


  3. Jaina says:

    Oh man, this sucks! I feel for you, big time. I hope it gets returned to you. I can totally relate to having an emotional attachment to a car. I can’t help but not get attached.


  4. winnie says:

    Oh this is the worst news Laila, I can’t believe it was stolen off your drive! I hope the car gets found as I can definitely understand how much of a massive inconvenience it is for you. Fingers crossed it gets found soon.


  5. jessthetics says:

    Hey Laila, I’ve shared your post on twitter but I just wanted to say I’m so sorry your car got stolen! I totally understand your sense of attachment. I’m super attached to my car (he’s called Sven…) and I would be devastated if someone stole it. I really hope it yours shows up somewhere xxx


  6. chris says:

    I can understand your feelings !
    My car has been stolen last year.
    And although it was an old Honda,
    I was really fucked up. So many
    emotions and memories were
    connected with this car. How
    could anybody steal them?
    I have never ever heard of
    my little Honda since then…


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