Vegan Club: Cows, non-dairy and #WorldMilkDay


It’s #WorldMilkDay! I love milk. I’ve seen a lot of crap going up about #happycows and a lot of unpleasant stuff about how terrible vegan milk is (including the insulting #blockavegan hastag). I thought I’d write a quick little post in the interests of balance so here’s a few happy facts for all you friends out there… 

  1. The best chocolate vegan milk on the market is, in my humble opinion, Alpro. I drink a carton pretty much every week… it’s JUST SO GOOD.
  2. I like soya or hemp milk in tea, almond milk on cereal and coconut milk in cakes – but they all work equally well. I love the variety of vegan milk on the market – back in 2009 the non-dairy options were basically soya or occasionally almond.
  3. For homemade ice-cream I prefer coconut or almond milk!
  4.  Hazelnut milk in coffee has become one of my favourite treats. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are really missing out – and I’m a massive coffee snob.
  5. Every type of vegan milk I’ve tried has been fortified with vitamin B12 and calcium, so you can throw your deficiency theories out the window. Often iron is included too, which means vegan milk is actually a lot healthier for you than cow milk and lowers your cholesterol (bonus).

And here’s some of my favourite cow facts, alongside the dairy facts I find most horrifying.

  1. Cows are incredibly smart animals, and research has shown that they display excitement when they solve a problem, recognise family members and enjoy certain types of music.
  2. Cows produce milk for their babies. To get enough milk for us, we keep cows constantly pregnant and then take the babies away when they’re about one day old and kill them. Mother cows become extremely distressed and have been known to call for their babies for weeks afterward. Not so #happycows
  3. Cows can live up to 35 years, but are killed in the dairy industry after just 5 because their bodies are so worn out from being constantly pregnant.
  4. Cows in captivity have been known to jump 5 foot walls, kick and attack human handlers, learn to operate gate locks and even jump off freighters into water. Instead of concluding that we probably shouldn’t keep the cows captive, we now regularly mutilate and drug the animals instead. Enjoy your drugged-up murder juice..!
  5. Cow milk is designed for calves (no shit sherlock), who gain up to 1000 pounds in their first few months and have four sections of stomach. For humans it’s not so beneficial, and millions of people develop lactose intolerance. Studies have shown that those who suffer from headaches, cramps, vomiting, rashes, asthma, fatigue, bloating and gas found symptoms greatly decreased, or even stop altogether after cutting out dairy.

So there you go! I hope you all have a happy glass of milk today :)


Article on Issues in UK Dairy Farming – “Dairy Farming In The UK” from World Animal Protection

Cowspiracy – a film on environmentalism and particularly focused on the lives of cattle. Available to download for $4.95 or most regions of Netflix

Article on health benefits of vegan milk and cow suffering – “Cows Milk: A Cruel, Unhealthy Product” on the PETA blog

vegan alternatives to milk

14 thoughts on “Vegan Club: Cows, non-dairy and #WorldMilkDay

  1. Amrita Kinne says:

    Hey Laila! I’m glad you posted this. I’m trying (though quite slowly, admittedly) to transition to a vegan diet, but have been struggling to figure out what to put in my tea. I’m going to give Hemp milk a try! ~ Amrita xo


      • Amrita Kinne says:

        I really like almond milk in my tea too, but my husband is allergic to tree nuts, so I avoid having any nut products at home… I’ve tried soya but wasn’t too keen on it. I will defo let you know as soon as I do! xo


  2. Denise says:

    It was nice to know more about cows, I didn’t know much :( They seem to be very intelligent, indeed! I don’t drink milk, so I contribute for the calves to get their food – milk from cows is for them. How fast they put weight on, wow! I heard that almond milk is good, but I simply cannot drink any kind :) I am a fussy eater!


  3. Courtney Williamson says:

    Ooh we have the same milk preferences I prefer soya in my tea and almond on my cereal. When I first went dairy free I was a bit worried about the choices, but there is just so much variety out there it’s amazing and there’s something everyone will like! The more I read about dairy farming the more I’m happy that I went dairy free and slowly I’m cutting out the animal products in my life. Great post!

    Pretty Mad Things .. x o


  4. Rosario says:

    Yay, thanks for writing such a great post on this! I’m not one hundred percent vegan yet, but I haven’t had outright dairy products for years. I actually think vegan milks taste soo much better and you are so right about the hazelnut in coffee, It’s divine!


  5. carackobama says:

    This was such a lovely post, cows really are the most wonderful animal! I can’t believe people dislike vegan milk, I’m in the process of transitioning to veganism and if anything I prefer the plant based alternatives – Alpro is the greatest, have you tried their soya chocolate desserts?! SO GOOD. I loooove Rude Health’s almond drink too!


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