Fifth Of July

Photo on 04-07-2015 at 15.06

One year ago today I was sit in my room, hungover, on a comedown, confused, upset, worried and generally “not in a great place”. On the fourth of July last year I spent the day with my friends; enjoying the sunshine and getting very drunk. It was a great night which I blogged about – but I missed out some of the background details of that time; details that were not fun, or joyous, or celebratory, and therefore had no place on my blog.

On the fifth of July, the next day, I stayed in and wrote this song. It is about the only thing I achieved that day. I wrote this song as a one-sided conversation to a specific person. I recorded it today and it took me straight back to life on the corner of my bed one year ago, life that was very different to the life I have today despite being sat on the same corner of the same bed.

Let me know if you listen to the song and if you would like to hear more. If you super-like it then PLEASE do me a favour and do one of the following (these are all free and super easy ways to support me/make my day):

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a blog from that time which gets quoted in the song

11 thoughts on “Fifth Of July

  1. Denise says:

    Yes, I super loved it! I will share it now on facebook!!! You have such an amazing voice, it’s fantastic! I loved to hear the song!


  2. Natasha says:

    Loved the laidback, chilled-out vibes in this Laila and your voice goes perfectly with the melody. I’ve followed you on SoundCloud, liked and shared your track too – hope it helps! – Tasha


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