An Announcement.


This is a post I’ve started to write many, many times. It’s been through more drafts than any other I’ve written. I dabbled with writing the word “important” in the title, but that seemed vain, and I mulled over just mentioning this in a footnote of another post, but that seemed dismissive, and I even thought about not announcing this at all, but I’ve started to feel weirdly secretive.The stupidest thing is this shouldn’t be a hard thing to announce, because many of you know, many of you have guessed, and many of you won’t care. Part of me feels like this is the worst kept secret in the world, and part of me is going “Laila, no way people pay that much attention”. What I want to tell you is: I am in a relationship. He’s been hinted at, and is lurking in the background of a few photos, but until now I haven’t actually properly officially 100% confirmed it. Now I am.

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal – people enter relationships all the time? But honestly, if you’ve been reading this blog a while, you’ll know this is huge for me. This is the most brave, bizarre, un-Laila thing I’ve ever done. You’ve surely picked up that I’m a very independent, self-reliant, impulsive person who hates the idea of commitment. I was single for a very, very long time, largely because I hated the idea of being in an exclusive agreement with somebody. Who could possibly be worth the hassle, the loss of freedom, the sober nights in? What would be worth ending the adventures, the impulsive nights out, the chase I so dearly love? The mere idea of being a girlfriend was shocking, alien and bizarre. Relationships require commitment, reliability and compromise: things I didn’t need or offer. I was the last person looking for a relationship, and yet, here we are.

I didn’t mention it when the relationship began because honestly, I was freaking out big time. It took me a LONG time to adjust. I’ve been vocal about the benefits of being single – especially on this blog – and I was extremely unsure if I wanted to, or should, or even could, give those things up. I want to spend every second of my life prioritising myself, my needs, my dreams and my work. Who could possibly make me happier than I make myself? Why should I throw away my whole glorious self-serving lifestyle for some random man I barely know? Well, now I know, and now my questions run dry. Now I feel content; now I tell you.

So… it’s a big change for me, but I doubt this blog won’t change much – I’ll still be instagramming rainbows and I’ll still be tweeting pictures of Domhnall Gleeson at every opportunity. I wonder if you’d like to hear more about my boyfriend, or if you had already guessed and would rather not hear anything further? Let me know, and as ever, thanks for reading. X

P.S. I’m so grateful to the many, many friends for helping me keep the relationship hidden on social media and so on whilst I took the time to adjust – thank you for not treating me like a diva,  and feel free to publicly ship from now on ;)

12 thoughts on “An Announcement.

  1. kaustubh2323 says:

    Wow..i mean..its just. I proud of you to be brave enough to share this.. :)
    You know at times when you seem to give up on yourselves or you feel helps you get back up! Happiness..okay..agreed you can get happiness alone..without anyone else’s help..but you will get the neccessary support from your love..Be in love..its the most magical and pure thing dear..! <3 ..
    And yeah..if u have time..then check out my blog too..the stories are non fiction..Hope u like it!


  2. Denise says:

    Dear Laila, I am happy for you and your bf! Because to be in a relationship means that the person and you together have more fun that being alone – and this is important. Yes, I guessed :) And yes, share about him if you feel like! And yes again, people do care! I don’t know you in person, but I feel a bit like I do :) The places we both love in London, the places I discover through your blog and music, etc. I finished my 3rd semester at music college :) I identified myself as well – I love being alone, I love travelling alone, etc etc. I am a commitment freak. I get cold feet when “relationship: is mentioned, and yet, I also am in one for years. I also never share this, but I can only tell you that when you meet someone and this person is lovely and you can be yourself – I may look normal, but often people refer to me as “crazy”, I am good in hiding this side :) – when the person accepts you with all the craziness and you do too, towards the person, isnt it heaven? So now enjoy your new status :) (ah, stupid facebook) and kiss a lot :) Hugs!


  3. Pretty Red Glasses says:

    Hi, Laila!
    thank you for sharing this part of your life with us, it is so nice to hear when someone has found a person to share a part of your life with. So, go you girl!
    “I was the last person looking for a relationship, and yet, here we are”; sometimes people who aren’t looking for it or stop looking for it manage to find the perfect person for their even when in the eyes of others is not “perfect”

    I thought you might be in one, I was curious how was taking you the photos :P was him the one? and sometimes we bloggers in a relationship mention our partner with another name if they don’t want to be mention in the blog (dunno if that makes sense, my bloggers’ friends from Chile call mine “Mr. Darcy” I just call him “hubby”)

    I hope this new adventure is a great experience for you both.


  4. shannoms says:

    I feel you on this! Took me a while to go public with my relationship and it’s still weird for me to use my boyfriend’s name in my blog, so I just use his initial (B). Congratulations & all the best on this adventure! <3


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