Laila Likes: Moomins

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Hello! I’m back from Helsinki!I’ve not had a chance to process the trip yet but I thought I’d share my Moomin collection with you. Bear in mind this is what I owned pre-Helsinki and I shall have to do some kind of epic Moomin-Helsinki haul when I’ve finished unpacking!

I’ve mentioned before that I really hate collecting things that aren’t useful and I’m careful to only buy things which I feel can be integrated into my day-to-day life. I think it’s a combination of trying to live minimally, rarely wanting to spend money and never having much space available!

Moomin Kitchen

moomin, moomin clothes, moomin accessories, moomin merch, moomin shop, moomin books, moomin uk, moomins uk, shop moomins uk, shop moomin

Moomin lolly – free from the shop, Moomin spoon – present from James, Moomin cookbook, Moominpappa cookie cutter, Moomin eggtimer and Moomin cookie cutters – all presents from my Mum. Not pictured: two Moomin mugs

Thankfully, somebody who gets my fuss between useful objects and purely pretty things is my Mum, as you can see from her inspired gift choices over the last few years. The Moomin cookbook is so delightful: it features actual recipes rather than watered down kids crap such as “Ask An Adult before using a knife!”* alongside drawings and quotes from the books about the recipes. It’s not vegan, but the miracle of veganism today is that you can just substitute a vegan product for the fish/cheese or whatever as required and make the recipes anyway.

*(Full disclaimer: I have at least two kids cookbooks on my shelf)

Moomin Books

moomin, moomin clothes, moomin accessories, moomin merch, moomin shop, moomin books, moomin uk, moomins uk, shop moomins uk, shop moomin(all sourced from charity shops, eBay and carboot sales, between 50p and £6)

If you’re a fan of the Moomins and you’ve not actually read the books then you are hugely missing out! They are wonderful. There are 9 books in total. I own the 1970s Puffin paperback versions of the above 6 and the more recent editions of the other 3. I’d like to find older versions if I can – the older editions feature Tove’s original cover illustrations. The recent book covers aren’t half as charming in my opinion. Not pictured in this blog post is a framed print of the “Moominsummer Madness” front cover that I have on my wall. It’s my favourite book – basically written as a love letter and observational essay on the theatre, written around the time Tove was adapting one of her books for theatre – and it’s such a beautiful cover.

Moomin Accessories/Clothes

moomin, moomin clothes, moomin accessories, moomin merch, moomin shop, moomin books, moomin uk, moomins uk, shop moomins uk, shop moomin//

Moomin t-shirt, brush and Moomin anniversary card – gifts from boys, Moomin magnet – I bought this from the Moomin shop, £3.99, Moomin purse – present from an ex, Moomin ear headband – designed and 3D printed by a friend, Moomin stickers – bought in Japan

I love the Snork Maiden (Moomintroll’s flirtatious, slightly vain girlfriend in the books) featured on most of these items – the only girl in a gang of boys, constantly looking for crowns of feathers and flowers to go in her hair. I like how she is unrelentingly feminine even when out and about adventuring with the boys; it brings to mind my own (far less picturesque) ventures doing my make-up backstage in dingy pub toilets whilst the boys soundcheck, and so on. (Btw, I don’t know whether to read something into the fact that my Moomin accessories are all from male friends/ex-lovers whereas all my Moomin kitchen and home stuff is from my Mum? Does that seem weird to anybody?!) Not pictured is my Moomin skirt, which I forgot I owned (but has its own post here if you’re interested) and all the many Moomin things I just bought in Helsinki. When life’s calmed down and I’ve unpacked/recovered I’ll be sure to show you!

If you’d like to shop for your own Moomin things then most of the above is available online at the Moomin Shop (and the physical store in Covent Garden is one of my favourite London haunts). The Moomin ears are one of a kind but if you’re interested leave a comment and he could maybe add some to his etsy shop…?

11 thoughts on “Laila Likes: Moomins

  1. Denise says:

    Ok, I will wait to recover to see other things :) It must have been so exciting! A Moomin spoon and cutter, how lovely, I ever saw that before (the spoon, Moomins yes :) I wish I were like you, no collection :) I can’t say that I collect something, but I have way too many things that I am sure I don’t need, but still can’t say bye to them. One day :) Hope you have a very beautiful week!


  2. Jess says:

    I adore the Moomins this is such a gorgeous collection!

    I really love the purse and the eats. Can’t wait to see what you got up to on your trip <3


  3. Writing&Rambling (@sunshinesarahxo) says:

    Hey!!! YAY!! Someone else who loves the moomins!!!!!! =) I even have a moomin tattoo!!! haha! #Dedication! I have ever read the books or any of the films but I do remember watching the tv series! hehe! =P I LOVE the Covent Garden Store!! It’s AMAZING!!!!!! I have a pic of me outside with a Moomin…i love it! I bought a pen whilst in there bc it was so damn busy and also bc it was the cheapest thing in there!!!! Tee hee hee!!!! =)
    So pleased I’ve found a fellow Moomin lover!!! =)
    Great post!


  4. Chelsea - TastetheTea says:

    I LOVE moomins sooo much! My favourite mug is my moomin mug! I’m half way through reading Life Art Words the Tove Biography. So jealous you went to Finland! I’m going to try and go before I leave to country in February. Fingers crossed I make it happen! Cant wait to see your post!


  5. Laura says:

    i should blog about my moomin collections too! loved seeing these! i’ve had the eggtimer, but i now have a moominmamma – i seem to break them on a regular basis and the current one is maybe my fourth.. and i’ve wanted to find the cookbook, but think it’s not available in finland and must buy it when i go abroad, ha! i actually only collected moomin mugs but it’s gotten a bit out of hand and most people – and myself – just buy me moomin stuff these days. can’t wait to see what new things you’ve got and how your trip to helsinki was! xxx


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