PeteFest is a festival which was created in honour of my friend Pete who died last year. I’ve posted quite a lot on Pete so long-time readers (thanks both of you) will be familiar with this part of my life, and if you’re following me on social media you probably saw me posting bits last … Continue reading PeteFest

My Car’s Been Stolen

A quick post today… my car was stolen from right outside my house this weekend. It’s gutting. I’ve reported it to the police and the insurance company, but this blog has around 8000 followers and maybe if everybody keeps a concerted eye out, it might get found? That’s what I’m dearly hoping anyway.

Happy 27th

In the first few weeks after you died, my mind was constantly on overdrive, supplying a never-ending stream of memories I didn’t know I had. There were random flashbacks, endless unrelated questions, and huge, over-powering emotions. Entire conversations dredged up from the murky recesses of my memory and replayed ceaselessly in full. I experienced the … Continue reading Happy 27th

My Birthday

Today’s my birthday! I feel like it’s almost customary to write a introspective post of reflection and wisdom when one turns another year older, or at the least compile a list of things one would like to achieve. I have to be honest – I’ve always had a strong sense of self, and whilst I’ve … Continue reading My Birthday


Photos from: Isle Of Wight, Kyoto, Boyfriends, Cleopatra, Valentines Day FIRST: 2013, 2014. I’ve written a round-up of my year goals and top posts below, and I’d also LOVE you to take part in this short quiz if you have a moment! First, a few reflections… This year has been odd. In the past I had such a … Continue reading 2K15