A Christmas Song For Somebody

I’ve written a lot of songs for people in my life. I’ve written some songs for people that aren’t in my life, and some songs for people I’ll never meet but have impacted my life in a big way anyway. I’ve written songs for friends, lovers, exes, family, idols, teachers. But as far as I can remember, nobody has ever asked me to write a song for them. This Christmas, somebody asked me to write them a song. I gave myself half an hour and sat down and wrote a song. This is the song for somebody.

When the circus comes to town
Or when Christmas rolls around
Like when gourmet cheese is on the high price shelf
Like when beds are freshly made
Or the day when you get paid
Or you finally for the first time watch the Christmas movie ‘Elf’
Hosting Quizcats nights you miss
Writing stupid songs like this
Or a tender kiss beneath the mistletoe
Like unpacking food from bags
Getting dressed in finest rags
These are all the things that make me feel aglow
Though it hasn’t been that long
You still asked me for this song
Which is really pretty cheeky, so I’ll use the time to ask
Will you make me feel “amaze”
Or set my heart ablaze
Or catch a falling star, jump sharks, complete some other cliche task
Whatever answer that you say
I am grateful for each day
I hope it’s not discourteous to want some of your sweet time
There’s a warmth that’s in your smile
Makes me hope you stay a while
You might become a favourite of mine