Boarding Pass II

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Hello from Heathrow! Almost exactly a year ago I was sat in this very restaurant, blogging in Terminal 3 with James before we went to Mauritius. Whilst we were over there I decided that of all the many things I do my absolute favourite was writing and playing songs, and I should try and carve out more time for that. One year later and I’m off to visit the other half of my family in America for 4 weeks of playing songs!

I love planes and I love New York and I really love seeing my cousins, so the next few weeks should be pretty awesome. It will be the longest time James and I have been apart since we met but seeing as he’s book-ending my trip with lifts to the airport I can’t complain!

I might not be blogging so much but I’ll be around on Instagram (@lailapictures) and Snapchat (@tapeparade) which I’ve recently started using properly (how great is the my story function???), so let’s keep in touch! X

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