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Hey, Let’s Go For Brunch!

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Hola comrades, this is just a quick little post to tell you I am organising a tiny little meet-up in a few weeks time! I previously “organised” a meet-up for some of us London #TheGirlGang members and it was quite fun (Emily thought so too). You don’t need to be a girl or a blogger to come but it kind of worked out that way before…

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aIMG_0135three bean chilli and bread
james by the window
avocado tartines
laila by the windowsailor dress and a red bagsailor dress red bagsailor collarpigeon drinkinglondon park view from jubilee bridge diversion

January has been so brilliant so far, I am in love with 2014! I spent last week working hard to turn my thoughts into concerts, making new friends and waking up on rooftops. On Thursday I stayed up very late watching Spirited Away and sewing white sailor stripes onto this dress ready for my day off on Friday. I met James for breakfast before he went to work at the Southbank Centre. I wandered home through parks and pigeons along a route that’s been familiar to me since I was about 15; I was quite sleepy but it’s nice just to wander these familiar roads when I get the chance. London feels so crisp at this time of year.

This dress is from The Whitepepper and was a present from James. I really like the floppy sailor collar. It came with blue stripes but to me “sailor” means “Sailor Moon” and so of course I felt the need to copy her collar, hence the additional white stripes. What do you think? I am missing James terribly as he has gone away for the week. I’m quite a nomadic and wandering kind of person but I share everything with James and every time he goes away I feel slightly adrift. If I’m a sailor then James is definitely my first mate!

Dress – The Whitepepper (white stripes added by me), gift. Navy tights – Forever 21, £6. Bag – Mind In Camden charity shop, £2.50.




At the weekend I visited Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking. Isn’t it pretty! I’ve still yet to take the actual tour of the vineyard but the farm shop, art gallery and conservatory cafe are enough to merit a visit in my opinion. :)