LEIA #7: You Are Not My Art


I sometimes feel as though my life is like a parade of people I used to know. Most of my friend pool has been in my life for quite some time, and at this point I have a fair number of exes to run into; friends of friends; other peoples housemates; ex-colleagues; a pal from “back home”, somebody‚Äôs cousin who was in town for the weekend. The list goes on. Continue reading


Photo on 13-10-2015 at 23.57 #2Welcome to the 1st December! The first day of advent calendars, the first day of winter, the first day of #Vlogmas, #Blogmas, and something I’m going to christen: #Slogmas. For #Slogmas, I intend to release one new piece of content per day. There are a few paths this content may take.

I’ve definitely (sort of) got the hang of blogging (sporadically), but really the number of posts I write bears no resemblance to the number of blogs I post. I have TONNES of half-written posts lying around; the few that have made it into actual posts have done quite well and it seems stupid to not have finalised more of them. So: sometimes the content will be blogs.

I’ve also made a few forays into videos over the course of this year which haven’t been massively well-received (or actually, received in any way) but I’m a stubborn creative, and I want to make more; it’s something I enjoy and I’d like to get better. So: some of the content will be videos.

And lastly, and most importantly to me, are my songs. I’ve spent this whole year supposedly trying to finish writing my first album, finish recording my EP and JUST GET STUFF OUT THERE. In the little time I have reserved for my own music I find just getting friends to turn up to a gig is a marathon race and leaves almost no spare time for recording. But I’ve been writing and writing and writing and I want to get these songs out there. It makes me want to cry when I think about how little I share.

Why the slog, I hear you ask? Well, I’m going to do this alongside running Quizcats, fielding four public gigs (one of which I’m directing) and my regular teaching and directing jobs. Through November I’ve managed an average of 1 post a week so increasing that by 700% is more than a little ambitious and I predict it will at times feel like a massive slog. Not even taking into account that it takes a lot longer to make a video or a song than it takes to make a blog.

So, this is completely a personal and creative challenge I’m setting myself, but I hope some of you will be interested in what I have to give! If you want to make sure you’re in touch for everything #Slogmas then you can join me on my blog page, my youtube page or my soundcloud page. Or sign up to my personal Facebook as I’ll make sure everything gets over to there. Alright, let’s do this!!!! #Slogmas #PuttingtheparadeintoTapeParade #ARGHHHHH