Things He Made For Me

headbands on crown rack on wall tapeparadeCrown and ears holder.3D printing design james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meBed wheel stop pucks.3D printing print wolf pack ears james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meWolf ears (in varying sizes).3D printing cinter design hairbands headbands james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meHeadbands (in 3 colours!).kitchen lights working swivel spotlight actionSwivel spotlights.laila tapeparade bed sat down screen printed printing t shirtHeadband and screen printed cat-pizza-bicycle t shirt.
kitchen door hinge workingWorking cupboard door.3D printing blue crown tiara james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meBlue tiara.laila tapeparade bed sat down screen printed printing t shirtBicycle-cat-pizza tshirt (I’ve got two now).

He makes things the way I make music; constantly, incessantly, obsessively. For work, for love, for money, for fun, in spare time, in sickness, in health. He’s constantly designing, sketching, thinking, looking, working out how things work. I mention things in passing and he makes them. It comes out of his brain and becomes a real, three-dimensional object, with no prior research or prompting. Printing, rendering, sewing, mending, wiring, soldering, carving, laser-cutting, welding, gluing, knitting, drawing. Making.

This is the list of what comes next.

jim constructing a crown holder

Sequinned Minnie.

sequinned minnie
minnie mouse ears
sequinned minnie to side

sequinned minnie jacket
minnie mouse again
Minnie Mouse girl sequin
Vest – H&M, £3.99. Jacket – vintage from Fat Faced Cat vintage, £10 (sale). Hot pants – ASOS, £8 (via unwanted gift). Minnie Mouse ears – Mind in Camden (charity shop), 50p.

.I feel like this outfit is textbook Laila. I’m really not into planning outfits and my general “going-out” look (or “going-on-stage” look) is basically put on whatever clothes are nearest, throw on something sparkly, add some novelty headwear and then hope for the best! In these pictures (taken after a show at VAULT) as well as some charity shop ears and my newest sequinned item I’m wearing my trusty studded white boots, and my vest and dance shorts from rehearsals earlier in the day. Add to that my leftover show make-up from that evenings performance (classy) and my black and red camera bag and that’s my whole thrown together after-party vibe!

.These photos are from the week of performances I did at VAULT and I promise this will be my last post on the festival! Essentially every night after our show the whole cast and crew would hang out at the venue (big underground labyrinth of tunnels and rooms) and party, so being easy to spot was a good thing amongst all the other people! I’m aware some people save sequins or vintage for special occasions but I’m not like that at all. I don’t want them to just hang on the wall for fear of damaging them; I want them to get a bit frayed from messy piggyback races and end up smelling of smoke and spilt drinks from too much jumping around on a crowded dance floor. Clothes are for living in and not just looking at after all. :) What does your textbook outfit look like?



sequinned minnie to side
sequinned gold jacket
pete danilo laila squish hug
Laila and Sarah happy in camel and artichoke pub waterloo
sequin jacket
minnie mouse warehouse