Happy Fourth!

americana fourth of july constitution game rulesamericana fourth of julyamericana fourth of july pocahontas tigerlilyHappy Fourth of July to all of you! Yesterday was the fourth of July – Independence Day in the US. Like any self-respecting American away from the homelands I gathered together a load of friends and celebrated at home, because good luck finding anywhere in London to celebrate.

I absolutely love themes and drinking games and I’m at my best when organising convoluted rules for new games and nights like this! I quickly threw together a playlist, came up with a constitution of ground rules (such as constant American accents) and then devised an American-themed drinking game for my friends which involved short skits re-enacting moments of American history, swapping drinks on the regular and greeting everybody with an elaborate high four and “HAPPY FOURTH” whenever you entered a room.

From the opening chords of “Born in the USA” to the moment we kicked the constitution to one side in order to dance, it was a great night. Sadly between the stupid costumes, hours of impersonations (I do a great Bob Durst), impromptu group sing-a-longs to “New York, New York” and general mayhem, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for taking photos. At least the meagre offering of photos indicates a great night! Whether you’re from the US or not I hope you had a great night. God bless America!