Initially I was wary about the idea of making a list of material objects I want but my Mum has now asked me numerous times and I always enjoy reading these posts on other peoples blogs, so I thought I may as well just get over myself and create one. I hope it doesn’t make for too boring a read! I have a constant wish list of “buy on sight” Laila dream items, should they ever appear in physical form (wolf head shaped cookie cutter, white and gold faux leather lightning cowboy boots, loris dress) but these are the things that actually exist.wishlist1 copyBoots / Musicals Book / Book / Scott Pilgrim Top / DressCup /Bunny / Necklace / Umbrella / Nobrow Freud Neuroscience / Long-sleeve Top

Musical theatre is a big part of my life and the Hal Leonard compilations are the top of the market (interesting piano arrangements and original score markings); I have a couple of the mezzo volumes already and my life goal is to have a full mezzo and soprano collection. I fell in love with Scott Pilgrim aged 15 and spent my teenage summers counting down the days until the next volume was released; the colour editions are AMAZING and another life goal is to own a full set (I’m really aiming high with my life).

I’m quite fussy with clothes but love this Family Affairs top (and the majority of the rest of their clothes), and as a violinist part of the time I should probably own the Nishe dress (although as a bassoonist more of the time I’d rather have a bassoon dress… maybe I can make one?). I don’t care that Fortunately, The Milk is a kids book; I love Neil Gaiman and I love Chris Riddell. How adorable is the little dwarves necklace?

Travel is a recurring theme as most of my family live on different continents and I’ve got friends moving to Brazil, Cambodia and New York next year so bring on the plane food! I really want a large-scale oversize cardboard/plastic wolf skull; entirely because it’s a prop for the next WOLF PACK concert and the idea of constructing one from papier mache seems a bit intense! (Side note: Mum, I am not expecting you to do that despite the craftsmanship of your papier mache bowl).wishlist 2Necklace / Sweater + Trousers / Moon Jumper / Film / Book /Dress / Elephant / Bunny / Notebook / Guidebook / DinoSnores / Skirt

I lived in Peckham for two years and these Peckham necklaces are the most Goldsmiths things I’ve ever seen; they’re just brilliant! I’m into this MinkPink print and I’m very into the matching set. The moon jumper I couldn’t justify buying as I already own a black and white wolf jumper, but it’s now been in my saved bookmarks for a year (tragic) and is reduced to a tenner so here it is. More Family Affairs (another item that’s been saved for over a year… pathetic) and this great dress by Traffic People.

Mary & Max is such a sweet film! Not sure what’s with all the lights in these wish lists (maybe because there’s no light in my bedroom?), but the baby elephant is just the best (and most expensive) thing I’ve ever seen. I like the idea of a flock of bunnies nestling around my room also. The Disneyland Paris notebook is very sweet; I’ve performed there twice now and hopefully we are going next year again!

Dino Snores look like they tailor-made for weirdos like me; sleepover in a  museum? With horror films? Plus amazing activities? Yes please! Mark Z Danielski is such a fascinating author, I find him so inspiring and he’s been a big influence on my creative output in the way he just redefines and creates whole genres, never more so than in House Of Leaves. Sailor Moon was my number-one love throughout my childhood and on holiday in Florida aged 11 I managed to purchase 4 of the 5 newly released, beautiful compiled Mixx guidebooks; the 5th wasn’t released until after I was home in the (Sailor Moon guidebook-less) UK. And lo, my lifelong quest to complete my set began.

So there we go! What would you put on your wishlist?