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Hello, and Happy New Year! I’m writing about 2014 whilst sat in the middle of my room on a box; the rest of my housemates are putting fantasy fairy decorations up in preparation for our party. This year has been a weird mixture of high and low. I’ve had some of my best opportunities, a huge amount of fun, I’ve met so many amazing new people and renewed contact with lots of older friends. The low points have been devastating and far worse than anything I’ve had before, but mostly very few and far between.minnie mouse warehouseSeven Nation ArmyFundacio Joan Miro Barcelona outfit girl dressParc Guell Gaudi Barcelona Spain Tapeparade blog tape paradejessthetics tapeparade jess and laila yellow coat navy east london shoreditch high streetKids with crayons at surya

(1 – Sequinned Minnie, 2 – WOLF PACK, 3 – On Miro, 4 – The Red Skirt, 5 – With Jess, 6 – Kids With Crayons)

Last year I shared my resolutions and I thought I’d do the same this year, as well as a brief catch-up. My resolutions act more as vague goals I might happen to achieve, rather than set targets I work towards.

Keep to a maximum of three projects to focus on – work has seemed a little more paced. Productivity has slowed but I’m definitely having more fun!

Hang out with (long list of friends I don’t see enough) – Yes! I worked on this, facebooking, calling, messaging, e-mailing. It was great!

Tour North America – YES!

Go to Monkey World – No. I also forgot this was a resolution until I clicked on the post a minute ago. Maybe next year!

Go to New York, Disneyland, Brazil and Cambodia – I managed two out of four, plus some other places.

Take James to AMNH (my favourite museum in the world) – no, but this is planned for next year now!

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My 2015 resolutions!

1. Lose weight
2. Catch up with (long list of friends)
3. Go to Helsinki, Japan, New York, New Zealand and Russia
4. Record an album
 5. Aim for a zero-waste life
6. Save £5000
7. Make 6 videos

8. Travel with Quizcats

I have no idea how much I weigh and I like the way I look, but I have put on a lot of weight in the last couple of months (lack of sleep and comfort eating). I’ve never been on a diet or attempted to lose weight before, so any pointers appreciated! I’m pretty sure everything else will be simple if I remember to do it. I’m not saving for anything special, I just like the idea of saving up a huge amount of money and spending it on something spontaneous.

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This year, honestly?

The lows have been low. Death of my best friend, death of my favourite teacher, death – suicide – of childhood friend, death of close family friend. C4CC closing. Continued issues with projects, continued issues with getting people to come to my gigs.

But it’s also been my best year for a long time, artistically I can’t imagine being happier with a concert than I was with the WOLF PACK concerts at VAULT, I worked my arse off for wikimania, I finally set up a personal website, I started Quizcats, I met an amazing group of people at C4CC, I stayed living in my awesome and happy house.  I took an incredible life-changing trip to America, holidays to Cardiff, Barcelona (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Egypt, Paris. I saw Kate Bush, I met up with lots of blog friends, I helped with the Flimsymoon launch, I directed parties and plays and gigs. From July onwards has been one of the happiest and most joyous times of my life; going out every night, sharing every meal with somebody else, gigs, parties, galleries, museums. Pints and pints and pints. Staying up all night, sleeping in once every 6 weeks and not feeling lazy, calling up my mates, my workmates, my neighbours, my old friends, hanging the hell out with everyone.

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It’s been great and I feel so grateful and lucky. Lastly, thank you all so much for reading my blog and sticking with me; I appreciate every single one of you so much. I still find it crazy that people spend their time willingly reading my jumbled words and looking at my amateur snaps!

If you have any suggestions of comments as to what you’d like to see on my blog going forward, I’d love to know! I’ve put together this basic poll. You can select as many things as you want and also add in whatever options or comments – I really take all your suggestions seriously and even one piece of feedback would mean the world to me.

I wish you all a wonderful New Years!



aIMG_5755I make quite detailed resolutions so I thought I’d share them, I apologise in advance if this is the most boring post ever! I like to keep busy, but after exhausting myself in 2012 I set the productivity bar very low for 2013 and it’s been my “sloth” year off. My resolutions included going on holiday, going to the zoo, moving out and learning to drive.
I completed nearly all of them. The best one was taking James to Mauritius! James is the first person outside of my family I’ve been to Mauritius with and it was one of the best trips I’ve had, (and an excellent opportunity to air my floppy hat collection – 4 is a bit excessive for everyday UK weather).17IMG_6052
 How adorable is the teenage chicken! I love teenage birds, they look so weird as their feathers change. They are rarely photographed at this stage of life because they look so strange.aIMG_5955Despite my year off I did do a few things: relocate WOLF PACK to London, create two concerts, go on two tours with Rhum & Clay to perform A Strange Wild Song (performing in Bath, Cornwall, Chulmleigh, Winkleigh, Devon, LiverpoolOxford, Bristol, Margate, Leicester, Derby, Exeter, Ilfracombe & Reading), create a website, go on holiday to Mauritius (with James), Rhodes and Fetiye (with my bestie Philly) and Manchester (with all my friends!),  move house (twice), pass my driving test, triple my private students and start volunteering at a charity shop.IMG_7636aIMG_7679aTurkey turkiye fetiye outdoor exterior Laila tapeparade giraffe girl interaction animalas baby giraffe animalaIMG_8995aIMG_4811IMG_3277IMG_3662IMG_3602a
I’ve read a few blogs mentioning resolutions centred around personal growth, career development and health and fitness. Mine are never like that! I basically just have a list of stuff I want to do. It’s possibly a bit unrealistic but I am quite an ambitious and driven sort of person.
My 2014 goals:
Keep to a maximum of three projects to focus on
Hang out with (long list of friends I don’t see enough)
Tour North America
Go to Monkey World
Go to New York, Disneyland, Brazil and Cambodia
Take James to AMNH (my favourite museum in the world)
I’m lucky to have been given so many opportunities and to be able to shape my own career and do something I love as a job: although it’s hard work, difficult to justify at times and insane hours I never contemplate doing anything else.IMG_3622
Lastly I started my blog this year! Thank you to James, Philly, Justin, Dave and everybody else who helps me with photos and all of my friends for sharing this year with me! Thank you so much to all of you who read, I never ever expected to meet so many lovely people. I’d love to know what you’d like to see next or if you have any suggestions – leave me a comment or have a click in this little poll below! What are your plans for 2014? Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all museums and good times. Thank you to everybody who was part of my 2013!
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