laila close-up girl face mixed crescent moon face necklace smile face thing black velvet pinafore dungaree dress black leggings fake white converse gold luna tatty devine moon nektage floral dress dark hair ponytail tape parade

Happy New Year everyone! I came back to London on the 2nd and have been “back at work” since then. I’ve not really documented anything as I’ve been working hard on my upcoming WOLF PACK concerts, hence the lack of posts. These photos are really just to show you my new favourite necklace, and were taken during my “lunch hour” (25 minutes).

I’m wary of expensive jewellery as I imagine I’d forget I was wearing it and then climb a tree or something and break it, but this necklace was a Christmas present in the sales (thanks Dad) and I like it so much. The moon has long been my favourite satellite, entirely due to Sailor Moon. Obviously where there is moon, there are stars; and lo, I chose to wear these socks today. The tiny flowers on this 70s blouse are so sweet and embroidered by hand and lastly, my pinafore was the stupidest choice ever as the charity shop where I volunteer has three very fluffy cats. Let me tell you, cat hair and velvet are NOT a winning combination. How is your 2014 going so far?
P.S. I recently did an interview with fellow blogger Christina of Kimi and Me, which you can read here. I was incredibly honoured to be featured. Thank you Christina, I’m so proud!

collar blouse detail flowers floral mouse ring silv gold luna lune moon tatty devine sailor moon necklace crescent moon face white shoes black and gold starry socks black velvet dress dungaree pinafore floral blouse vintage smiley smile happy girl tape parade laila happy face floral flower collar collar tips vintage collar blouse detail

Blouse – vintage, £3.50. Necklace – Tatty Devine, gift. Dungaree pinafore dress thing – vintage, £17. Trainers – New Look, £6 (sale). Mouse ring – Camden Market, £2. Socks – ???, christmas present.