Dear Virgin 


Dear Virgin,
Hey. What’s up? I wanted to tell you a few things today, because whilst I don’t know for certain, it’s possible that you don’t know all these things already and I want to make sure that you do. I don’t know how much people talk about these days, and what people know or don’t, and I just wanted to get my two cents in. So.

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IMG_7335It’s still International Women’s Day! Thanks to you if you’ve checked out my playlist. Please, enjoy this blurry picture of me on a bus 8 months ago. I started tweeting about women I love, and here, in no particular order, is something approaching a more complete list of women who inspire me. In my article on Amy I write about the way I look up to her – that’s essentially how I feel about everyone on this list. I’ll write properly about them soon, but for now please tell me all the people I’ve inevitably missed off.

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International Women’s Day Playlist

Photo on 08-03-2016 at 09.56Guys, I’ve made the best International Women’s Playlist. I’ll add to it through the day when I’m not working on the business I set up, achieving my life goals or being adored for my goddess-like tendencies. And I’m still in my PJ’s! No seriously, it’s a great playlist: there’s divas, girlbands, legends, heartbreakers, newcomers, sass-queens, sirens, songwriters and composers alike on this thing. It’s epic. Trust me. Give it a subscribe so I know you’re there. Whack it on and give thanks for all the amazing women in our lives – and if you’re a woman, then high bloody five from me.

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