LEIA: You Are What You Write

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I feel like this week in particular there have been a number of problematic posts and comments flying around that present a lot of backwards, harmful and upsetting views. Everytime this gets pointed out there is an inevitable backlash from the author, normally along the lines of “Why are you getting so crazy at me?”, “I meant it as a joke, everyone knows that” or “lol you need to chill out”. This is wrong, damaging and irresponsible. Failing to acknowledge the problem is avoiding accountability for your words.

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200 Posts!

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Welcome to my 200th post! I’m so surprised to have reached 200 posts, it feels like 100 posts was just yesterday but in reality it was over a year ago. Who knew I had so much to say? I always struggle when people ask what my blog is about. I mostly write about what’s on my mind and where I have visited, and I try and be very open. Thank you so much for reading my musings!

I thought to celebrate 200 posts I’d tell you about some of the posts I am most proud of, as I self-indulgently thought it would be nice to reflect. I was initially thinking of maybe doing some kind of question and answer post- (does anybody actually have any questions??) so anything you’d like to ask please do so. And I’d also just like to thank you so much for reading and your support of the blog, every time you share a post or RT a link you make my whole day awesome! If you’re feeling particularly supportive it would mean the world to me if you’d follow my blog on Bloglovin – thank you so, so much. Tewkesbury abbey cotswolds gloucester england tudor victorian abbey architecture forest woodland exteriorSo let’s look at some of my favourite posts..!

On Continuing: for me this post was a turning point on my blog and it’s kind of a mission statement for what I write now. I was fed up with trying to fit into the blog world with fashion-related content that didn’t feel true to me. I thought if I just wrote what I wanted to then I would feel more authentic and maybe generate more of an audience. That didn’t quite happen, but I’m happier with my output and that’s all that matters. (Although I still don’t think this blog accurately represents me, as it barely showcases my “animated” facial expressions at all, which are basically my number one defining feature irl…)

Tokyo DisneySea: aka my essay on Japanese culture, creating art and the importance of commitment in creativity. I am SO PROUD of this post and want to publish it. It’s probably my favourite ever post. One of native Japanese friends told me that in this post I articulated something about his culture that he understood immediately, but could never have expressed. Which is the highest praise ever!

Friends and Magic: these posts are similar in that I was trying to write about how grateful I was in the midst of very personal situations that were occurring at the time.

Amy and John Keats: I find it takes a lot of time to write about my heroes in a worthwhile way. I’ve only managed it twice so far and it was in these two posts. I’d like to try and write about more!writing, notepad, pen and paper, bedroom, laila, bed, journal, journalism, article, want to writeWhat It’s Like Not Being White: by far the most popular post as it went viral. I already discussed this in a response post here but I couldn’t really not mention it. I’m so, so grateful for the feedback I received on this.

Pete: my next most-read posts (after ‘Not Being White’) are all my thoughts on Pete. I feel like I’ve poured my heart out in a number of posts that aren’t about Pete, so I’m always surprised that they get more attention as there’s a lot of raw emotion on this blog. I think maybe people just have some kind of morbid, car-crash fascination with that particular subject, or possibly it’s people who knew Pete clicking through?

On Not Feeling Part Of The Sisterhood: this is the only post I’ve ever written that I thought might receive more attention than normal which goes to show my terrible knowledge of my own audience (hey guys!).

Sharm El Sheikh: I loved this post because I managed to sum everything up in one single post. No mean feat as I normally waffle on for 5 or 6 blog posts at a time whenever I go anywhere. I spent a long while trying to distill my magical time in Egypt to something that wouldn’t take hours to read. Here’s to efficiency!

I hope you enjoyed this blog version of Audio Commentary on a DVD. You can read all of my longer posts here or pick something else from the archives or categories if you’d like to delve more into the other 199 posts! Thank you again for reading, it means such a lot to me. Please do let me know if you have any favourite posts out of the last couple hundred and what you would like to see more of! Whether you’ve read the last 2 or the last 200 (if that’s the case, please get in touch for your trophy) I’m so grateful to you. :) ISle Of Wight James Laila Tapeparade Quarr Abbey Winter Outside Nature Woodland ForestMuseum of architecture cite d'architecture black dress white tights