I’ve Moved!


If you’re reading this post then please know – I’ve moved! I’ve taken the plunge and moved to self-hosting! This means that if you follow me via the wordpress reader, or via e-mail, you’ll need to re-subscribe over at www.tapeparade.com to keep up with me. You can keep up with my blog via Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Feedly and e-mail subscription via my new site, so hopefully there’ll be some way we can keep in touch. The subscription options are all in the left sidebar!


Thanks for sticking with me, and see you over there! :) x

LEIA #12: Where Friendships End

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The term “friendship break-up” has gained popularity in recent years. I often read articles and think what an ordeal to have somebody you cherished and shared so much with slowly morph into a stranger. How gruesome it must be to walk past a former friend on the street and not know how to greet them. I often count myself lucky at having a spectacular teaming mass of friends in my life and at never having to experience the rotting corpse of a dead friendship.  Continue reading

Vegan Club: In Response To Gianfranco Vissani

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Everyone, it seems, has it in for the vegans. We are frequently misquoted and derided. We are depicted as crazy hippies eating nettle soup, wearing weird ill-fitting clothing made from hemp and dried moss whilst throwing tantrums in restaurants. When we’re not terrorising jolly old milkmen, we’re breaking into private property and chaining ourselves to trees. Continue reading

Where I’m At Right Now.

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Recently I’ve been feeling really fed up. Continue reading



The first time I really realised the wonder of breakfast was during study leave for my GCSEs, aged 15. Continue reading

An Announcement.


This is a post I’ve started to write many, many times. It’s been through more drafts than any other I’ve written. I dabbled with writing the word “important” in the title, but that seemed vain, and I mulled over just mentioning this in a footnote of another post, but that seemed dismissive, and I even thought about not announcing this at all, but I’ve started to feel weirdly secretive. Continue reading

LEIA #11: New Relationships


Sometimes it starts inconspicuously enough; a sudden interest in a new band or a brief case of Mentionitis. You’ll wonder why they’ve stopped the weekly pub outings and yet, are suddenly, suspiciously more broke than usual. Then a friend will drop off the radar for weeks at a time with a hasty “yeah, things are great”, only surfacing for air for once a month. They can spare just a few distracted minutes after your show, leaving after the first round of drinks, back to spending every night at their beau’s pad. Continue reading

Nobody Wants Your Safety Pin: 5 Actually Useful Things To Do Post-Brexit


Here in post-UK Brexit, where hate crime and racism are on the rise, an American woman in London came up with the idea of wearing a safety pin to show your opposition to racism and to single yourself out as an ally. Continue reading