Crayon Christmas

aIMG_9607 aIMG_9606aIMG_9605 aIMG_9622 aIMG_9623 aIMG_9636 As you may know, my best friend in all the land is James and we “celebrate” James and Laila Day once a month: an entire day we spend together doing fun stuff. Unfortunately my grand plans for our December day (Christmas shopping in Covent Garden, PCC cinema and meeting Santa) went out the window due to kidney infection, but in true heroic style James took matters into his own hands and arrived at my family house bearing gifts and festivities to salvage the day. Amongst the many things he turned up with was A BABY CHRISTMAS TREE. It was by far the best surprise I’ve ever had, I’d been at at home feeling very un-festive and pathetic and James totally bought the Christmas spirit into our house. The best part is I can keep the tree in the garden and bring it in each year!

We ventured into town to do some christmas shopping (I normally leave mine until the 24th, so the 23rd felt very early and prepared) and then had a fun evening wrapping presents and trimming the tree with Christmas TV flickering away in the background. Having James around for these fairly mundane and domestic activities makes me think what it would have been like growing up with a sibling and just constantly having another person around. We also made this festive recording of one of my favourite Christmas songs. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

aIMG_9630 aIMG_9626 aIMG_9617aIMG_9600

18 thoughts on “Crayon Christmas

  1. Kati says:

    What a very, very sweet idea of him! Hope that makes the kidney infection go away!
    Cute jumper by the way!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post!


  2. Alissa says:

    I have just discovered your blog- and I have to say that I am loving it! You are so talented, and your pictures are great! Plus your baby tree is adorable (we actually have a couple of baby trees growing in a pot in our house right now.) Your blog is great! <3 <3


  3. Kayleigh Jean (@KayleighJeanA) says:

    Your video is the sweetest! I loved watching it,fun and you have a lovely voice! I love your christmassy post,wish I toke more festive snaps,your tree and decorations are the sweetest,simple and traditional! I hope you have a wonderful new years and that the new year brings you lots of joy and luck x :)


  4. jessthetics says:

    It looks like you had the best day! The photos of you carrying the christmas tree are gorgeous, you have such an infectious smile! I love your jumper too, it’s so happy. I hope you had a good christmas Laila! xxxxx


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