Lost At Sea


Just call me Sailor Laila! There are over 240 museums in London and yet I can’t remember the last time I went to a museum for the first time. Last Thursday I performed at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich which I’d somehow never visited, despite living down the road in New Cross for about 3 years. On Thursday the museum hosted it’s first late-night event, Lost At Sea. The night was completely free and featured a huge variety of activities designed to appeal to both keen sailors and landlubbers (guilty) alike. There were sailor tattoos, impromptu sea shanties, rum-tasting, a pub quiz, a nautical photo booth, live music ranging from ceilidhs to choirs, a miniature literary festival, a table working out your sailor name (Lobster Snaggletooth reporting for duty) and a late opening of their new exhibition, Turner and the Sea.

I was there to play Floodtide by John Eacott, a sonic representation of the live tide reading of the Thames. The piece changes mood quite drastically depending on the tide reading, so playing the piece during high tide will sound completely different to playing the piece during a ferocious sea storm. WOLF PACK (the music ensemble I run) performed the piece for our TIDE themed concert back in April, and it was great to have the chance to play such an engaging and unique work again with a diverse group of musicians.

Fellow wolf Laura and I had a great time running around the museum afterwards, Laura wearing nautical colours and me in my boat-print dress; just call me Sailor Laila! I was riveted by the displays which included the jacket worn by Admiral Nelson (complete with the hole from the bullet that killed him), a gigantic boat engine and a huge world map printed on the floor (I’m sat next to Mauritius, the tiny, tiny island that is my homeland). It was a really fun night, thanks to John and Natasha for inviting us to play and let’s hope there’s another edition soon!

Shoes – New Look, £6 (sale). Coat – Urban Outfitters, £60 (on sale + 20% off!). Dress – ModCloth, gift (similar one here). WOLF PACK hair clip – custom made!

aIMG_9256aIMG_9265aIMG_9260aIMG_9254aIMG_9239boat flood tide national maritime museum hmm lost at sea museum late event night(bottom photo credit: Natasha Bird)

14 thoughts on “Lost At Sea

    • tapeparade says:

      Ah thanks Jess! I should have said on the post – the dress is a gift (from ModCloth) and the coat is Co-Operative at Urban Outfitters, it’s on sale and there was also 20% off instore last week so it was under half price. XX


  1. Denise Sabs says:

    Believe it or not, I am the same. After some years in London (now in the Midlands) and I never went to the Maritime Museum, and I always want to – such a shame. I am so glad you visited it and actually, congratulations, you performed there!!!! How cool is that? Wow! You look lovely and the coat is great! I really really loved your pictures, all of them! denisesplanet com


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