Photo on 06-09-2014 at 23.04 #3I graduated on this day 3 years ago with a BMus in Classical Music from Goldsmiths. Going to Goldsmiths is the best decision I have ever made. I know I sound over-dramatic but it genuinely saved my life. I read every single prospectus available at my secondary school and the whole idea of university seemed completely redundant until I found Goldsmiths. It’s kind of impossible to sum up what I gained overall from my degree; I very firmly think that everything we do affects and shapes us in one way or another.

At Goldsmiths I learnt how I function best. I honestly think the best thing you can do with your life is learn how you work best and put the rest of your life around that. I work very well by myself, very well in collaboration and very well as a director. I don’t work well under other people or in work where I have no say over the direction of the project. I don’t really care why this is or what it says about me; I just know that’s how I work best and I’ve engineered a life where I’m constantly working at my best.

I found so much from university; on one level I made great friends, had some amazing lecturers and got the most brilliant education. On another level I found the validation for myself that I’d been lacking in my own life before then; validation for education and art that I’d struggled to find in secondary school. Goldsmiths ultimately showed me that being myself is ok. I’ve always been quite fiercely individual and independent but a lot of the fight I had as a teenager evaporated at university; I didn’t need to stand up for who I was or be resilient to other peoples remarks.

I was thinking of writing some sort of graduation post about the things I’ve done since graduating – graduation is some kind of mythical dark time in the media where everybody sits around jobless and depressed. That’s maybe true for some people, but I think the media owe it to everybody to portray an open, inviting world where anything is possible. I’ve obviously made my own jobs and career path since leaving and I feel like everything’s been great! I’m in love with my work and the world and all of the amazing projects and people in it. Any recent graduates reading; let me know if you’d be interested in hearing about my experiences since leaving education. Certainly I loved university and miss it but life is a lot more exciting now and I relish the freedom and satisfaction. Thank you Goldsmiths. :)


6 thoughts on “University

  1. Denise says:

    That’s really very nice that you enjoyed it so much! I agree with you that all kinds of things have an impact on who we are now! And to know ourselves, how we work best! Very nice that you enjoy the way you have built your life since your graduation and during! Keep on enjoying it and life gets better and better!


  2. Kim says:

    that’s really awesome that you learned about how you work best at college, I didn’t really realize that until a few years ago after I had been out working for quite a while. I think it’s really awesome that you are confident enough to build your life around your skills and your passion. I think you should do a post about what you did after you graduate, like you said sometimes it’s hard and takes a while to find a job but people need to know that anything is possible :)
    you should go for it :)


  3. jessthetics says:

    It’s great that your University experience was so positive for you! I definitely only became the person that I am now during University. I loved my degree and I think studying Philosophy was important for me because it’s where I learnt about feminism, animal rights, environmentalism etc. but just moving away from home and meeting interesting people and having the freedom to be who I wanted to be was empowering for me. I’d love to hear more about what you got up to after Uni, and how you managed to create oppurtunities for yourself and forge your career path. I haven’t really found my feet yet post-graduation and some tips would be helpful. Oh, and I’m so excited to be studying again this year!! xxx


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